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So do you have a real mental illness or are you just pretending?
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Your guy just got run over by Sondland in the impeachment hearings. You idiots are done for. #impeachthemotherfucker
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Craig wright
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Muted activity is now removed from the everyone and new posts feeds
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I doubt Joey "Trend" understands that a real trend is based on mass appeal & genuine interest, not artificial flooding of pathetic messages begging for attention. I doubt he's really an expert at all.
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Rampant spamming and abuse of the commons that we all share is exactly what the #fuckingcapitalists have done throughout all of human history. Their endless greed and insane ego harm us all.
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If your product/service can only survive because you have to shove it in everyone's face then it probably isn't that good. Advertisements would be assholes in human form.
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· 145d · Donald Trump Rapes and Murders Children
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Not only will the #fuckingcapitalists exploit you for cheap labor, they'll also just steal the wages they owe you.
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