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David Johnston
Data is now immutable : )
created poll 732d
Mega blast stress test attempt of 5,000,000+ transactions November 15th or December 1st?
November 15th 6 votes · 125,344 satoshis
December 1st 34 votes · 164,638 satoshis
Never, tests are stupid. HODL! 0 votes · 0 satoshis


828d · SpaceX and Mars Colonization
Leave Moon for NASA, SpaceX should focus on Mars. Gravity is much lower there, so no problem actually.
828d · CoinText.io
Cointext is looking for people to create language translations. You can help them out and be paid few bucks if they did not have that language yet.
828d · BCH Support
The narrative is slowly changing in r/CryptoCurrency. Bitcoin Cash is gaining support there as people realize it's not a scam like it has been depicted to be.
Bitcoin.com weekly show is up featuring Roger Ver and the team at Allbit.com in Korea. As always let us know you come from memo.cash:
Many people mocked Roger Ver for his "Babies are Dying" comment he made in a now famous debate with Samson Mow: Here is his response:
My first Purse.io purchase with BCH. Very happy
replied 853d
The speed / fluidity of posting is now much improved. Thanks so much guys for all of your hard work. 💪💪💪
Memo update released:
- Dust consolidation for all actions
- Dashboard is now a feed of all events
- Performance improvements
- Updated profiles
- Color indicator for relative user rating
- New account page
Memo update released:
- Ability to follow topics and indicator for unread topic messages
- Links to replies now go to full thread instead of just parent
- Topic posts in feed now have a button to go to topic
Vitalik (Not giving away ETH) Buterin
Hello Memo!
Vitalik (Not giving away ETH) Buterin
Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin in spirit and more closely resembles the Bitcoin Whitepaper.
We've added a page that lists active polls - https://memo.cash/polls
replied 882d
Memo's protocol is meant to handle all social networking features. Right now we only have basic image/video support, but in the future we'd like to add more rich media features.
replied 882d
Memo's goal is to be like email where you only need one service provider and can interact with all other service providers. As of now our plan is to have a single app.
David Johnston
The new improvements to the memo interface look great. It’s fun to see an open source project evolve so quickly and benefit from the upgrades made to the Bitcoin Cash protocol.
Djembe Ker
David Johnston introduced me to CoinText - basically the AOL cd of BCH ;)
David Johnston
Glad to see the world's first decentralized platform for public messaging.
David Johnston
Memo is: Global, instant, censorship proof, free speech, available to all.
David Johnston
Transitioning from Twitter to Memo.Cash I prefer tech built on open systems.
David Johnston
Memo is taking a micro payment approach I hope will reduce the noise & spam.
David Johnston
Advertisement based systems are often at odds with their users interests.
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Memo is getting cooler by the week
replied 885d
Nice work dudes! It's feeling good every time I open memo cash and found wonderful features. Have expected Volting for long.