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Game of thrones released yesssssssss
Morning Analogy, P2P = Pirate Bay Lightning Network = Banks
Erik Voorhees: “Much of the hatred toward other blockchains and crypto projects just comes across as fundamental insecurity about [BTC] itself.
that is better public relations Memo, so seriously, whats the story with BSV??? Is there any chance you could delist, its so obvious thats what we all want.
Where are all the BSV trolls today? running to open another exchange acc, Heads up dont goto kraken lol
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I love Memo but i really dislike BSV

Another BCH hater, leave comment on his channel
Go on Roger
hash 5.66%
hash rate 5 % + today :)
imagine if 1 satoshi = 1 usd in years times, lol us sending thousands and millions over and back to each other.