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I owe you an apology, I got very upset once with ur blockstream videos, I happened to be going through alot atm & reacted way out of order. Iamsorry about that.and embarrassed & rightfully so.
seriously considering applying to amnesty ireland the human rights activist group.
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the guy who got killed b4 anarchapulco
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I'm not sure
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a new troll in town lol
As an aside, the number one most-accepted crypto by the vendors at Forkfest and Porcfest 2019 was Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Vin Armani’s “Pilgrimage to Porcfest” 2019 Speech
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me too, much thanks
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the ipo fiaso was more of a media fiasco.IPO was bad maket timming thats all, they look in very good position.
Vitalik Buterin on CoinSpice Live to Discuss Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum, July 16th, 8pm EST