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👏👏 Full year of spamming on-chain. Memo has improved a lot, let's hope for an increased acceleration in the next year.

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https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gchUYb72f3MyJwOIWT4vtolsLPKdMUqE/view?usp=sharing This is my default memo feed. Download and look at it; few posts starting with 4th form top are out of order.
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for ABC posting
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oooff... mayor intersectionality/cultural-marxism burn
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The regex for links looks to be a bit buggy. The linked url contains an example https://memo.sv/post/dd6aa3b503f411b4083e006362eba168347d68acea18dd261ceb6713585d5212
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Vitalik QA ... 35:40 What advice would he give to Satoshi if he had a time-machine https://www.facebook.com/UnchainedPodcast/videos/2161275497495792/
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This is more complicated than it looks at first; don't be hasty when answering.
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People want stability. The chaos of weirdness will start to chafe at some point. The chafing-point will be different from person to person, but everyone has one.
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In the beginning, when Bitcoin was fully reliant on home miners, it made sense to treat the network with kiddie gloves. Now that mining has turned into a professional business, the training wheels can finally come off of this bicycle. 🚲🎉

BSV & BCH both have limits, though they have different origins. BSV looks to be controlled bottom-up with limits being arrived-at by the miners & BCH is top-down where protocol-devs set the limits.
It is not 100% pure like that at the moment, but it is pushing in that direction.
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Should the fictional memo block-user-feature affect the 'shared connections' (rating) score of the blocked user?

In the case of 'yes', the block-action from a very active user should make the rating score go down more than the block-action from a barely active user. Effectively spending more money (miner-fees) makes your block-action more powerful. Assuming it goes this way, imo the block-action of a very active user should lose its weight once the user stops spending money.

Thoughts? No blocking? Have a different number in addition to 'shared connections'? 🔥?
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does avalanche break all of the possible features that could be built with nSequence? https://bitcoin.org/en/glossary/sequence-number

(same for nLockTime)
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BTC & BCH split == the first anarchist revolution of Bitcoin.
ABC & SV split == the second anarchist revolution of Bitcoin.

BSV people, keep close to the white-paper/nakamoto-consensus, keep anarchy in check.
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will memo.sv have a different logo?