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I am on Honest.Cash guys!
Please check it out. Will be needing your support here too. Thank you so much in advance!
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#PowerPlay #PowerAbuse
Binance delisting BSV. If the CEO wants it, then in a snap he can!
· 3d
Is This The Start Of A Bull-Run?
The biggest ever! Will be so proud of myself if I was able to share this and it actually happened.
· 3d
Interview with Roger Ver. He seemed to be like just a "Boy Next Door" looks! Hahaha. But damn, he looks really cute! Makes me wanna support Bitcoin Cash more.
· 4d
Delisting Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Because of what happened to (BSV)?
SBI Holdings, The Japanese Crypto-giant, will delist BCH on June 2019. Check the video here!
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Enjin Coin (ENJ) - Crafted For The Gaming Industry. Check out my latest blogpost shared here:
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Memo Use-Case 101
What if an office can use memo.cash for communications instead of using Facebook Messenger which tempts employees to check their personal stuff all the time.
This way, memo usage will be proliferated
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~ Happy First Year Anniversary Memo.Cash!
~ Happy Birthday to me as well!
~ Happy 1-Year being a member here too!
~ BCH the ONLY GREEN mark from CMC's TOP 20 coins. Up with 10% in 24 hours time-frame.
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Just got amazed here and i'll die without sharing. $20 per day income with this FREE miner. Check it!
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4 days ago I created about the surge rate of BCH which is 82% since April 1 and shared this post to most people for them to keep buying BCH.
I always loved Bitcoin Cash since the form from BTC.
· 16d
Thank you @memo for this recognition. Truly going back here is so amazing!
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I created a write-up about memo-cash in a platform where we earn tips in HYDRO and BNTY. I hope I will get successful in promoting Memo-Cash! Check it Out!
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Bitcoin Cash already hit 300% since the April Fools Day! Highest surge ever among all top 100 cryptocurrencies listed on the coinmarketcap!

Where were you when this happened? Have you already checked your exchangers?
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What do you think of PIVOT guys where it is said to be invested by binance and huobi? Do you think the first social media from China will push thru?
Earning BCH is so much fun if it's FREE!
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After a green market yesterday, it's slightly on the dip and diving this weekend! Let's convert some to fiat now because the dive is accelerated with no resistance at all.
After a green market yesterday, it's slightly on the dip and diving this weekend! Let's convert some to fiat now because the dive is accelerated with no resistance at all.
Just wanted to let everyone know that EoBot 4.0 GHz mining will soon stop. Transfer your funds now to your wallets. Convert BTC to undervalued coins today and enjoy more coins rather than buying them before.
Know more about #ColdStorage program which also includes BCH as means to fund your account. Gain 3.45% per day and get free $4 upon sign up.
The value of BCH today is just like the time it was introduced to us during the Hard-fork. It was like a freebie for all of us and now this freebie is now being traded! How good life can be! Happy birthday Bitcoincash
Start mining bitcoincash now by clicking this link! Instead of bcn make it BCH.