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replied · 65d
>if you're running for office you cant be charged with any crimes!
replied · 65d
lr would rather north korea not improve if it means President Trump doesnt get credit for it...
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· 120d · Censorship
Harassment and censorship on steem/steemit continues. Witness attempt to hide the truth -- https://steemit.com/steemit/@fubar-bdhr/harassmet-continues-witness-continues-to-downvote
· 119d · Memo
We need re-memos, they will help people discover who else is on this platform
· 119d
The level of censorship right now is absolutely OUT OF CONTROL. Just type "building seven" into YouTube and just look at the AGENDA-based PROGRAMMING they are trying to force feed the masses. Its fucking disgusting.
White men are people too
· 121d · Racism
I dunno why it started here, but is not Racism an OK topic to discuss a claim like "Facts are not racism, labeling them as such is not helping"? Granted, the real racists get upset, but I don't care
· 121d · Emoji Stories
replied · 121d
is the aggression taught? isnt that just the natural state & non aggression is the learned alternative?
White men are people too
· 127d · Capitalism
Accuracy matters. Even a slightly incorrect narrative can be a tool to herd the masses to the bad guys bidding. Btw, your time would be better spent explaining what is wrong in the video content
White men are people too
· 128d · Capitalism
@Neal Gentry: It seems that memo community is either nonexistent or unable to ignore even a single troll while keeping a real discussion going. Mute apparently has not fixed this.
White men are people too
· 128d · Capitalism
So a random internet dude tells me he knows better than me, claims to have authorities to lean on, but gives no information on where to find data. I wonder why I am not inspired to read up
White men are people too
· 128d · Capitalism
If this video is totally wrong it shouldn't be that hard for someone as amazing as your arrogance suggests you think you are to point out what is wrong and how to check.
· 130d · Clownworld