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I'm ready for a change. #dailymemo
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How old are you? #dailymemo
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Can anyone recommend some good fiction? I'll take novels or even a good short story. #dailymemo
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No more wasting time, or a lot less of it. #dailymemo
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Okay, I'll send you some later tonight. I can't access right now.
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just watched Bohemian Rhapsody on HBO. i never fully realized what a talent Freddie Mercury was.
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curious, what do you plan on doing with free tokens? if you want to post your SLP address, I'll send you some random ones I have. I have plenty.
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That's why I'm starting to think crypto isn't going to happen until the masses are given no choice but to adopt. How long that will be I have no idea.
· 17d
Are any normies here? Or does everyone on memo consider themself a cryptonerd? #dailymemo
· 22d
Bitcoin Abstract: "a PURELY peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution."

LN is impure.

· 23d
Becoming famous shouldn't be one's purpose. It should be the other way around. Have a purpose and try to become famous to achieve said purpose. Celebrity should be the means, not the end. #dailymemo
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Bitcoin Cash is not just a technology. It's an ideology, a movement, and I think that's what the mainstream doesn't understand. They have yet to pick up on the most important aspect of the whole endeavor. #dailymemo
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Is there a story behind "TheLegendaryTwatter"? What makes him legendary? #dailymemo
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Thank you so much for this!