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This is planned. And actually if the edit action uses diffs it could also be used to do larger posts and a number of other cool things.
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Yeah, I think an "edit" op would link to the post it mods, like reply does. The UI could show last ver by default but with icon & nav arrows that let you page through the edit chain.
Just stabbed myself right up the nostral with a branch while out in garden !! Wtf !! Major nose bleed !!
Screw you, @_jonasschnelli_

#BlockstreamCore #Bitcoin
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Peter Schiff is the dinosaur that roared in the direction of the asteroid. :)
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Wouldn't surprise me if it was true. Peter Todd is one of the biggest scumbags in crypto.
BlockstreamCore developer who was instrumental in hijacking and ruining BTC complains that BTC is dysfunctional....Blames Bitpay...

#Coretard #JonasSchnelli #Blockstream
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This also forecasts that BCH will need to be divided even more or to deploy L2 for micro tx.
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BTC maximalists are the flat earthers of the crypto world.
Eva Bartlett Interview - The US-Run al-Rukban Internment Camp In Syria & The Similarities To Gaza
#EvaBartlett #Interviews #alRukban #Syria #HumanRights #Palestine #Gaza #Israel
Spedn and repalce.

1416d · SpaceX and Mars Colonization
Humans have failed to create sustainable closed ecosystems on earth so far....just sayin'
BTC tweets since 2015 === justification by faith alone

Megan M Calderon
Hi I'm new to this
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Thanks for posting. This is planned!
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Fuck your imaginary wizard.
I signed up a new merchant for #BCH today 🤗 he gains economic freedom for his business.
Enjoy a nice adult beverage with the co-creator of - what a wild ride it's been. #dailymemo
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I think there aren't enough articles detailing some of the above (blockstream, social media manipulation, the shitty crypto tabloids, and scams like xrp)
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All the above. :D
replied 1419d
Blockstream hijacked the bitcoin core repository. the scammers behind LTC just copy their stuff.
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