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Did anyone catch that debate with Roger and Tone in Malta? Wow. #dailymemo
Don't forget to sign up to Local BCH!

HTTPS:// - hook me up with some juicy 👌20% referral🚀 then share your own!

🍕🍕Bitcoin Pizza day in Tokyo at Two Dogs Taproom featured two meetups. BCH on main floor. BTC on upper floor.

Total purchases paid in BCH: 40+
Total purchases paid in BTC: 0 (Fiat/credit only😂)

Has anyone seen any android widgets that display BTC vs BCH fees? Looking for something like this but for my homescreen.
Catching up on sleep tonight. What a wild couple days. #dailymemo
Join the #bitcoincash news telegram. #dailymemo

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Real-time news and updates coming from the Bitcoin Cash world!
Installed a price widget on my phones homescreen. Huge mistake. #dailymemo
Enjoyed a nice birthday dinner with the misses tonight. 🎂Cake read "BCH to the moon!"

She gets me. #dailymemo
Was honored to join Gabriel in discussing what's setting Bitcoin Cash apart to the North Queensland BCH meetup. Great work Hayden on organizing that awesome meetup! #dailymemo
Sashimi night! 🐟🐠🦑 Japanese grocery stores are next level. #dailymemo
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How often do you eat Breakfast for Dinner?
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The Holodomor might be one of the most twisted events in human history. YouTube is sending me down a dark documentary bender. #dailymemo
Bitcoin Core scammed countless businesses & individuals when they were sold on Bitcoin being a fast, cheap, reliable way to shop. Maximalists alligator tears are unidirectional. Time to bring their hypocrisy to light.
Wandering through Tokyo ⛩️ today and stopping at a couple places to spend Bitcoin Cash ☕. Making a habit of finding a place each week to spend and support growth. #dailymemo

Local Bitcoin Cash is so close to being finished. We're enabling 0conf and testing some more over the next week. Finalizing translations then aiming to launch for early May. for more info! #dailymemo
Busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy. #dailymemo

You a busy bee today too?
It surprises me what a handful of hard working people can do for a large project. I'm honoured to work alongside some amazing people with the shared goal of spreading Bitcoin adoption for the world.

Seeing the BTC maxis go mental over the @bitcoin handle is wildly entertaining. These people do not like having their ideas challenged. Insecure NPCs. #weareallbitcoin #dailymemo
Current favourite things to use with Bitcoin Cash

2. Cash Shuffle
3. Spending
4. with badger. Gameplay is phenomenal!

Have you taken the BCH Merchant app out for a spin yet? Easily allow your staff to accept Bitcoin Cash. It's fast and simple! #dailymemo
Fighting a nasty cold. Fun to read what goes on while I'm usually asleep tho #dailymemo
I've recently grown to enjoy chocolate. Was never really my thing. Weird how your taste buds change. #dailymemo
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Ever shuffle just because?
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