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Thanks so much, appreciated. I have been practicing with a lot of portrait studies lately trying to step up my realism game.
Super fun realistic hourglass I got to tattoo today :)

What do you guys think?

Super fun realistic hourglass that I got to tattoo today :)
What do you guys think?
That is the reason most people use weed. Aside from legitimate medical reasons of course but let’s face it, 80% of people are pure recreational users
Hahaha!!! I guess Gavin is into Steampunk. 😎
The rats started to flee from the sinking turd...

#Bitcoin #Blockstream
With Reddit, when something reaches a certain number of dislikes, it collapses the associated thread. Here many dislikes would only create more transactions without the soft censorship
It seems to me that there is a way for even a disliked/unpopular post to become a valuable asset on BCH as far as transactions are concerned. Controversy can create transactions too.
Well it’s not really a “Reddit style” dislike button if the dislike creates a transaction on BCH and any tips associated with the dislike are put into the faucet for new users.
Why? Just downvote the spam and dumb posts.
That’s an interesting idea also!
Not necessarily though. Sometimes a post may not get much of a response because it was posted at a poor time or just gets buried by the hot topic of the day.
Isn’t it kinda true though? I mean real adoption means that the merchant accepts the currency because they see value in it and want to earn it through the service they provide.
Instead of a mute button being added to memo, what if there was a dislike option?
This way the poster will have feedback on what not to post without being censored & at the same time transactions are still created
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Please do, Thank you so much😊😊😊😊
Or you can export/import your wallet (just 1 address) into another wallet app, like Edge, I did and now it shows all my Memo transactions and tips too, pretty cool 😎
Is it possible for me to transfer BCH from my memo account to another address?