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I remember in Diablo 2, I saw a naked sorceress in the corner of town, shaking uncontrollably as another person seemed to show her off, after she was hacked and her items stolen by a program, and probably blackmailed for it for life. It made me feel very startled by it, as she looked like she had tardive dyskinesia, and makes my stomach hurt just thinking about the real world implications
The current state of society will be seen in the future as "The Misinformation Age"

BitCoin will fix that...
i think feelings matter more than text or paper
Dirty medicine
By Katherine Eban
May 15, 2013

1. The assignment

FORTUNE — On the morning of Aug. 18, 2004, Dinesh Thakur hurried to a hastily arranged meeting with his boss at the gleaming offices of Ranbaxy Laboratories in Gurgaon, India, 20 miles south of New Delhi. It was so early that he passed gardeners watering impeccable shrubs and cleaners still polishing the lobby’s tile floors. As always, Thakur was punctual and organized. He had a round face and low-key demeanor, with deep-set eyes that gave him a doleful appearance.

His boss, Dr. Rajinder Kumar, Ranbaxy’s head of research and development, had joined the generic-drug company just two months earlier from GlaxoSmithKline, where he had served as global head of psychiatry for clinical research and development. Tall and handsome with elegant manners, Kumar, known as Raj, had a reputation for integrity. Thakur liked and respected him.

Like Kumar, Thakur had left a brand-name pharmaceutical company for Ranbaxy. Thakur, then ...
Thakur listened intently. Kumar had not even gotten to the really bad news. On the plane back to India, his traveling companion, another Ranbaxy executive, confided that the problem was not limited to Vimta or to those ARV drugs.

“What do you mean?” asked Thakur, barely able to grasp what Kumar was saying.

The problem, said Kumar, went deeper. He directed Thakur to put aside his other responsibilities and go through the company’s portfolio — ultimately, every drug, every market, every production line — and uncover the truth about Ranbaxy’s testing practices and where the company’s liabilities lay.

MORE: Maker of generic Lipitor pleads guilty to selling ‘adulterated drugs’

Thakur left Kumar’s office stunned. He returned home that evening to find his 3-year-old son playing on the front lawn. The previous year in India, the boy had developed a serious ear infection. A pediatrician prescribed Ranbaxy’s version of amoxiclav, a powerful antibiotic. For three scary days, his son’s 102...
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as I was walking around without my car keys in my dream, I remember also seeing 3 white girls sitting in a circle playing a game with colored gems on the computer screen, and it made me feel left out
i just woke up from a very vivid dream, so vivid that my head hurts

i was holding a small black bear cub, holding it like a baby into some kind of crowded room full of people, but somewhere along the way I lost the bear, and them lost my car keys too, and as I lost my car keys, I was secretly wondering, why can't cars use biometrics such as fingerprints to operate instead. i also remember walking into some kind of english test class late, so when I talked to the teacher she gave me next week to take the test

i have a feeling these dreams are synthetically induced, and thus leave a lingering side effect of causing headaches
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So i went to six flags great adventure yesterday and i just want to say if you have never been to a six flags and your going with a group of people make sure everyone gets a flash pass . Its a complete waste if you go on a packed day without a flash pass.
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Swedistan has become a shithole country. But it’s still my home and I love walking home trough Stockholm in the middle of a our short summer nights. I hope BSV will help us to unfuck this...
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