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Gettin to that "quiet almost too quiet" phase of the market

Part 3, money is not defined by academics

Part 2 of n for series answering "what is bitcoin" for new users

Same as before, $100 to first person to call out if no new video in 7 days

It seems that many people would rather give away trust than care about privacy and immutability. We're not in a war against other coins or even USD. We're in a war of convenience. #dailymemo
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Any other ideas for Curious what else I can add to it in my spare time. #dailymemo
If I don't do another video by July 27, I'll pay $100 in #BCH to whoever calls me out first.

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Tai Pan by James Clavell
Shogun by James Clavell
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Also remember studying the Spanish Civil War and not understanding why people didn't just leave. I get that now.
I remember in AP European History having to write 'doc-based-questions,' considering the "provenance" of sources; usually political pamphlets

Didn't appreciate before the communist thunderdome of modern twitter
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12-18 months ago when I got into all kinds of Twitter vitriol re: lightning network

with a bunch of people who never used it and, I am certain, continue to never use it