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They're not even embarrassed to ask this.

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You can get discernable ancient coins for a few bucks apiece, but of course you can spend as much as you like with increasing quality
Cheap-ish ancient roman coins ( inside BCH paper wallets #dailymemo
First nation to run a currency tokenized on top of Bitcoin (Cash),
Congratulations to Liberland and its citizens!
Leading the way to financial sovereignty.

In case you think LTC is currently cheap:

In hard money terms, Litecoin isn't cheaper than Bitcoin Cash, because it has four times the supply.
(84M coins instead of 21M).
Some new PR's were pushed to – great to work with other volunteers in maintaining the open source website behind #bitcoincash.

Bitcoin is still impossibly small. Maybe 100 true believers.

Incredible how much action and progress on the dev side. Software is a more exponential lever than you think...even when you already think this

Every OP_RETURN is sacred,
Every OP_RETURN is great.
If a OP_RETURN is wasted,
Craig gets quite irate.

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Hm Frito cycle...op return is forever...

I don't think it's a trap, I think the market is evolving with more attention, more traders, more complexity

Pre halving still seems early
This kind of rally doesn't have a compelling analog with past Frito crypto cycles. Uncharted territory #dailymemo
bch-cli-wallet is a #javascript command-line #BCH wallet and npm library. Just upgraded to support BIP44. Your next #nodejs app can transact on #bitcoincash with easy, high-level functions.
Gmail is 15 years old today #dailymemo
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Bitcoins: a collection of peer-to-peer electronic cash systems
(subtitle: whose blockchains converge at the same genesis block)

#Triggered #Maximalists
"Liquidity" is a dumb word

Elitism, it's super lame. Foodies, winos, travel snobs, politicians, technocrats, & college professors. If you can't eat a balogna sandwich in the back of a Winnebago with a Coors Light, you can fuck off. #dailymemo
One important property of Bitcoin is that the network capacity should far exceed what is easily achievable by few users attempting to saturate the system.
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