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HEARD U LIKE PRIVACY #BCH #BCHD #Neutrino @IoLazyfox Is a wildly easy way to each Bitcoin Cash! Just made $1.50 for recommending codecademy's intro to javascript course. Also 100% integrated with @BadgerWallet for ease of use.
Boot flavoured hot pockets: Low fat, full statist taste.
If you aren't in the CoinSpice telegram, you're missing out.
Starts in about 10 minutes!
Want to accept BCH directly to your website? Give it a try. :)
Come hang out @ tonight :) I'll be hanging out in the chat talking about BCH adoption in alternative markets.
Learning Javascript & Python. Feel like I need to find projects to retain any of this info.
feels comfy mayn
I've been using Manjaro fresh out the box for over a year now. Actually more stable than Ubuntu for me.
What's the point of schnorr signatures?
1) increase privacy
2) compact multi-sig tx
3) better scalability
What's the point of DSV?
Easy. More on-chain economic freedom
What's the point of CTOR?
1) simply the system
2) faster block template creation, allowing higher throughput and fewer orphan blocks.
3) no more intermediate states
4) graphene works 7.14x faster
"What’s exciting is the bypassing of gatekeepers, of exorbitant fee collectors, of middlemen who decide whether Wikileaks — to pick a timely example — can have donations reach it."
"Be interested in liberty and the freedom to transact and speak to get back to the original motivations. Don’t spend time trying to make government-friendly financial alternatives."
MOST people have less than $500 in savings,
MOST people are in debt.
Go on.
Keep talking about "stores of value".
MOST people don't have value to store.
I just bought 2 years of premium VPN service (AirVPN @ xmas discount) with BCH!

Here's my ref link for those interested:
51% attacks are part of the game.
Eric this is free speech.
Another article - What not to do when organizing a coinroll: If you wanna join, @ me on twitter @BitcoinCashNB w/ you're $handle & province/country you're participating from!
CET 20k sats when?