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BCH: 462940-461486=1454 memo txs. num of txs📈11.2%, account for 2.8% of all BCH txs(51803)
BSV: 778550-777884=666 memo txs, num of txs📈128.9%, (97235)
BTC: (318893)
BCH: 461486-460179=1307 memo txs. num of txs📉1.0%, account for 2.7% of all BCH txs(48896)
BSV: 777884-777593=291 memo txs, num of txs📉40.4%, (96280)
BTC: (345435)
BCH: 460179-458859=1320 memo txs. num of txs📈76.2%, account for 2.2% of all BCH txs(58915)
BSV: 777593-777105=488 memo txs, num of txs📈111.3%, (93834)
BTC: (348711)
BCH: 458859-458110=749 memo txs. num of txs📉17.1%, account for 1.2% of all BCH txs(61090)
BSV: 777105-776874=231 memo txs, num of txs📈19.1%, (92897)
BTC: (323699)
BCH: 458110-457206=904 memo txs. num of txs📉37.9%, account for 1.6% of all BCH txs(55475)
BSV: 776874-776680=194 memo txs, num of txs📉47.0%, (91995)
BTC: (307357)
BCH: 457206-455751=1455 memo txs. num of txs📈73.6%, account for 2.7% of all BCH txs(54448)
BSV: 776680-776314=366 memo txs, num of txs📈5.2%, (93620)
BTC: (304917)
BCH: 455751-454913=838 memo txs. num of txs📉17.9%, account for 1.4% of all BCH txs(58980)
BSV: 776314-775966=348 memo txs, num of txs📈18.4%, (92552)
BTC: (343901)
BCH: 454913-453892=1021 memo txs. num of txs📉25.5%, account for 1.5% of all BCH txs(67340)
BSV: 775966-775672=294 memo txs, num of txs📈39.3%, (93836)
BTC: (349300)
BCH: 453892-452522=1370 memo txs. num of txs📈14.5%, account for 2.4% of all BCH txs(57087)
BSV: 775672-775461=211 memo txs, num of txs📉13.5%, (92145)
BTC: (315878)
BCH: 452522-451325=1197(old:447594-446449=1145) memo txs. num of txs📈46%, 2% of all(58807)
BSV: 775461-775217=244(old:774418-774178=240) memo txs, num of txs📈81%, (92088)
BTC: (367965)
BCH: 446449-445667=782(new:451325-450506=819) memo txs. num of txs📉3%, 1.6% of all(50440)
BSV: 774178-774047=131(new:775217-775082=135) memo txs, num of txs📉35%, (90743)
BTC: (348681)
BCH: 445667-444858=809(new:450506) memo txs. num of txs📉23.8%, account for 1.5% of all BCH txs(52212)
BSV: 774047-773845=202(new:775082) memo txs, num of txs📈14%, (89702)
BTC: (324289)
BCH: 444858-443796=1062 memo txs. num of txs📈18.3%, account for 2.1% of all BCH txs(51744)
BSV: 773845-773667=178 memo txs, num of txs📉18.0%, (87869)
BTC: (367643)
In old stat standard
BCH: 443796-442898=898 memo txs. num of txs📉18.6%, account for 3.3% of all BCH txs(27253)
BSV: 773667-773450=217 memo txs, num of txs📉28.6%, (83572)
BTC: (359141)
BCH: 442898-441795=1103 memo txs. num of txs📈0.1%, account for 1.9% of all BCH txs(57164)
BSV: 773450-773183=304 memo txs, num of txs📉12.2%, (82177)
BTC: (394460)
BCH: 441795-440693=1102 memo txs. num of txs📉1.3%, account for 2.5% of all BCH txs(44461)
BSV: 773183-772879=304 memo txs, num of txs📉29.3%, (80444)
BTC: (397851)
BCH: 440693-439577=1116 memo txs. num of txs📈46.1%, account for 4.9% of all BCH txs(22751)
BSV: 772879-772449=430 memo txs, num of txs📈50.9%, (77754)
BTC: (336346)
BCH: 439577-438813=764 memo txs. num of txs📉4.0%, account for 1.3% of all BCH txs(58872)
BSV: 772449-772164=285 memo txs, num of txs📈50.8%, (77497)
BTC: (328720)
BCH: 438813-438017=796 memo txs. num of txs📉20.6%, account for 1.4% of all BCH txs(55531)
BSV: 772164-771975=189 memo txs, num of txs📉20.3%, (77476)
BTC: (338879)
BCH: 438017-437015=1002 memo txs. num of txs📈10.7%, account for 1.7% of all BCH txs(59698)
BSV: 771975-771738=237 memo txs, num of txs📉1.7%, (77716)
BTC: (398626)
BCH: 437015-436110=905 memo txs. num of txs📉5.1%, account for 1.3% of all BCH txs(70722)
BSV: 771738-771497=241 memo txs, num of txs📈3.9%, (75718)
BTC: (389846)
BCH: 436110-435156=954 memo txs. num of txs📉18.0%, account for 1.5% of all BCH txs(62406)
BSV: 771497-771265=232 memo txs, num of txs📉15.0%, (74363)
BTC: (379907)
BCH: 435156-433992=1164 memo txs. num of txs📈39.1%, account for 1.8% of all BCH txs(66242)
BSV: 771265-770992=273 memo txs, num of txs📉1.8%, (70181)
BTC: (372940)
BCH: 433992-433155=837 memo txs. num of txs📉19.5%, account for 1.8% of all BCH txs(47455)
BSV: 770992-770714=278 memo txs, num of txs📈29.3%, (69976)
BTC: (375488)
BCH: 433155-432115=1040 memo txs. num of txs📈15.3%, account for 1.9% of all BCH txs(55364)
BSV: 770714-770499=215 memo txs, num of txs📈5.9%, (67472)
BTC: (370947)