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23 years old, I like to cook, travel and taking photographs, I want to scape from my country...

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Somewhere over the nothingness
2157d · Macrophotography
2157d · Trading
thank you @kev I will take your advice, it is always a good day to learn
2157d · Macrophotography
Tubular red flowers Camera Nikon Coolpix L110 Ubication Maracay Venezuela
2157d · Trading
Can I learn by tradingview? @kev
2158d · Spanish
Hola solo escritos y memes en español
2158d · Trading
I wanna be trader
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2158d · Coinex
2158d · SelfPortrait
Choroni St. Aragua Venezuela
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Enough, is enough! Im gonna kill this motherfucking snakes in this motherfucking plane - Samuel L Jackson.
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My drawing of androide #18 <3
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2158d · Macrophotography
she is samantha a 15-day-old sparrowhawk
2158d · Macrophotography
very close
2158d · Macrophotography
2159d · Venezuela
here in Venezuela the services are cheap, but they do not work, for example the internet sucks
2159d · Venezuela
@PedanticPedant a lot of people have a smartphone but I include myself in those that do not have it, it is expensive and crime is high.
2159d · Venezuela
@PedanticPedant if it is necessary to use a smartphone, and electricity is as cheap as gasoline but sometimes it is removed for long periods
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