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Nah. Hubbard was at least ENTERTAINING.
replied 473d
You claiming the ability to read my mind isn't the same thing as a question actually being a complaint. And generally a safe assumption doesn't turn out to be completely incorrect.
replied 473d
An unsafe one, and a completely incorrect one (also, not "complaining"):
replied 474d
There's an assumption in your answer as to who "they" are.
To the extent that sexual orientation is an innate characteristic rather than an action or a choice, what is there about it to be "proud" of?
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replied 480d
I don't spend a lot of time bashing BSV. When the subject comes up, I point out that it's a con, recommend legit crypto like real Bitcoin (BCH) or old Bitcoin (BTC), and move on.
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This is a problem that needs to be worked! Everyone should send me large numbers of Satoshis, and I'll have a close look at the reporting :D
Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin, deal with it!
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The only BSV I ever had was the amount I got automatically from the fork. Sold it and used the proceeds to buy BCH as soon as that was doable. Glad I did.
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On the one hand, I wouldn't want to deal with thieves. On the other hand "money laundering" isn't a real crime, it's just AVOIDING a particular kind of thief (government).
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Julia Williams
Julia Williams

"[...] when pressed by the Court how Craig would have standing to assert an objection on behalf of the United States, Craig abandoned the 'national security' objection."
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Wright is such a raging dumpster fire in so many ways ...