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You can shut down any supply for producing too much, but that will only drive the demand to find another supply.
In the problem of consumption, is the problem the producers or the consumers?
Not to mention, if that level of automation were possible every company in the world would have it right now. It would make firing a lot of expensive minimum wage labor infinitely easier.
Most of our automotive and electronics factories are automated already. Yet they still need a non-insignifigant labor force to maintain the machines, do QA etc..
If the most "evil" corporation McDonalds can't even perfect the automation of burger flipping, why do you think we are suddenly on the cusp of automating literally everything?
We can't do that right now.
But the last part is tricky. What happens to those who refuse to work?
The thing with RBE is, in the idealistic scenario the answers are that: Everyone that can work, does work. Everyone works for the betterment of mankind and cares for one another.
It's generally assumed that the answers have been in the USSR: Everyone works, they work for the state and the common good of Russia and if they don't, they get shot or thrown in gulag.
There are a few basic questions that have to be answered when it comes to Socialism and RBE. Who works, Why people will work and what will happen to those who refuse to work.
I thought the argument was that capitalists saw all human beings as property/profit slaves? Regardless of race and gender.
Odd to say capitalists don't care about human beings, and women as if they aren't the same thing? Pretty sure saying capitalists hate literally everyone is enough of a blanket generalization.
No one is destroying the planet for merely profits. They are doing it to provide the goods and services people need to survive which happen to be profitable.
@ED "Boss: a person who is in charge of a worker or organization." Being the boss of other people, is literally what being your own boss means.
Is your overwhelming sadness for the poor going to magically keep society running? Don't think so.
Your entire proposed system of socialism relies on emotion and discarding logic. Capitalism is the other way around, discarding emotion for logic.
Why should i respect anyone going without when they don't respect themselves enough to do their own work to survive? People who'd rather starve waiting for a handout than get it on their own.
The universe is a inhumane place. No one is special. No one deserves anything or has rights to anything. The universe simply doesn't do those things. People do.
Everyone in the world is capable of attaining the capital and resources they need. They are only hindered by themselves and their governments.
People should provide for themselves. That's the ideological chasm between us.
That not every job provides a middle class standard of living?
That's common sense. Common sense socialists don't have or refuse because they don't like it.
What is there to defend? That people shouldn't get paid for simply existing? That we don't have some obligation at birth to help people?
You have no job, and you have failed every attempt at education. Education and work experience are essential to discussing the nuances of economic systems.
So yes, you can choose to talk. And we can decide whether to listen.