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Attacking on blockchains is a serious crime against community and those acts should be punished. Imagine what would capitalist states do to someone who messed up with EFT or SWIFT system!
Happy Schnorrs Day to all of you !
Here is an idea; a platform for camgirls and porn content creators with instant micro bch payments. Do we have a website like this?
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Which wallet do you use on android? If not on the list please reply.
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Hi everyone! I am getting married soon and it is a tradition to gift gold pieces to couples on wedding day here. But i want to make a stand for #bch tips. I really would appreciate your ideas
A task from lazyfox to write and a platform to publish it. I love bch community.
What is The Deal in South Sudan?
Greetings #bch community;
What do you think about brave browser and bat token?
Would you say that #bch would be great on a similar browsing experience?
Can someone tell me how to #import keys to It does not accept raw keys on import section.

#bch #bitcoincash comic i have made, hope you all, well some of you all like it :)
Hello world!