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Later :D
Taking a break. Back Tomorrow.
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We don't hate you. But I think that you asked for tips a bit too much in the previous days. Beggars are just annoying.
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It's fine :D if that's what you guys think then its ok :D
I didn't know why cavs loss for 4-0. That's a bummer
Earth is not flat.
Why people hate me so much??
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I agree That's why I like BCH more than BTC
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Do you believe in God?
Tell us how exactly and why.
Yes 15 votes · 32,211 satoshis
No 15 votes · 12,000 satoshis


Great idea
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Thanks sir :)
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Am i allowed to post pic as well?
Of course nothing's wrong with it, there are no rules here!
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Didnt you see my post? Calm down
Since i like tip. I call myself tiplord! Hurray!!
Yeah nothings wrong with it right?
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I don't know what happen but i can show you a screenshot of my accnt. I just left it open earlier
I like BCH better than. BTC
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Guys where can i mine bch? Im down with 2k satoshi right now pls help me :'(
Lets go buy some BCH!!!
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