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Goddamn.gif that sounds amazing.
Look Block Explorer
Turned Memo++ off for a minute and a big swarm of roaches descended
Socrates once said that education is not the accumulation of knowledge but it is rather a matter of behaviour. We have become university degree collectors but not really better people. What do you think?
Wow, so this is a post that cannot ever be deleted?
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You earn BCH this site
· 171d · Ed
This will be my LAST memo post using BCH... switching to BSV now... 65K characters to write as much as you like... you should try it using
· 414d
Memo update released:
- Ability to follow topics and indicator for unread topic messages
- Links to replies now go to full thread instead of just parent
- Topic posts in feed now have a button to go to topic
· 446d
Top posts page added to Memo! Now much easier to find popular content.
BTCers fundraise for frivolous lawsuit. BCH fundraises to feed Venezuelans.
· 457d
Memo has reached 10,000 on-chain transactions!
· 421d
Memo update released:
- Polls
- Use "hours ago" instead of timestamps
- Ranked posts page
- Guides section
Every like+reply gets 10000 satoshi
0.2 Free BCH for 5 lucky people who Like and reply! 1 BCH total giveaway 😄
Giving away 10 BCH to 30 people!(0.33 pp)Like and Reply! cheers
To the moon!!! ┗(°0°)┛
Bitcoin is the real Bitcoin
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Image and Youtube support added
· 446d
Every like+reply to this status gets 10000 satoshis.
Giving away 100,000 Satoshis to the first 200 likes/follows!
#Tip1BCH If this get liked by 1000 users, I'll tip 1 BCH to random liker!