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All is joy and happiness is r/cc, but I just only saw one post about fees:
Regardless the bear market is over or not, I'll keep accumulating BCH. It0s the only money the state cannot seize from me. It's a big shout out to the system. FUCK THE STATE.
Interesting read about sharding and decentralization:
It's a little against BCH roadmap, but I hope UTXO commitments solves the full node issue.
I'm downloading the new version (2.3.1). I see blockbooth is finally removed.
Why some sellers rage quit?
Localbitcoins for BCH, with no KYC:
I can't open any item or store in OB, connection fails! Am I the only one? I'm running the last version.
Exciting new mobile DEX, I really trust Komodo developers:
Bitcoin Cash Outpaces BTC in Velocity of Money Metric by 6X:
Emerging market for LN liquidity, no joke:
Most ICOs will fail (like any startup) and scams are very common. Always be sceptical!
Take a look on if you want to boost BCH adoption or earn some. Also, their Badger wallet login works wonderfully!
The first drawback I see about nano: what's the incentive for running a full node? You don't get any coins or tx fees AFAIK.
LN over BCH? I can see the utility of payments channels for several use cases (Schnorr sigs helps too), but LN utility is very limited.
Tip: if your OB shop is not listed in blockbooth, use this tool
LOL very funny
Ok, now solved and working!
Well, it loads but tooks a while, I suposed it's related to how IPFS works.