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Now I have a load of 🐶 tokens from somebody! 🙂
Dark mode for the app?
Thanks to the person who sent me SPICE tokens and BCH!
The Christchurch mosque shooter mentions using Bitconnect in his manifesto.

When you've been hodling since 20k

🔘 One like for one Digibyte 🔘

Leave your addresses below.
🔥 Badger Wallet

When Memo app?
Don't forget it took a long time for people to switch from gold and silver to using IOU's (bank notes).

Crypto adoption is coming.
SOCIAL EXPERIMENT: send me all your BCH.

No refunds if I don't get drunk.
The first person to buy me a pizza gets 1 BCH.
The more people who learn about crypto, the more people learn where fiat money really comes from and how it's created accelerating crypto adoption
I need a computer so I can start selling on Open Bazaar, I just can't afford one right now. Is there anyone out there who could help me out somehow?
Who wants a grand?
Does anyone have any ideas of how I can make money with BCH, how to create my first stream of passive income?
Dump your BSV here: