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Senior JavaScript Developer at, Founder of Permissionless Software Foundation - - open source incentivized with tokens.

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Badger uses `m/44'/145'/0'/0/0` for BCH and `m/44'/245'/0'/0/0` for SLP tokens.
Badger Wallet for mobile phones now allow you to sweep SLP tokens from a paper wallet!

Get it:
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I have no idea. I'm not really following the progression of Nimbus. It's a great idea, but not anything that effects my work.
I love having deep conversations about #opensource and #bitcoin #development:
How to fund #opensource #bitcoin development is a hard problem to solve. I enjoyed some of the remarks on this thread, and added my own. My handle is trout-bch.
bch-js v2.1.7 released. Fixes a rounding error bug that can corrupt SLP token sends.
I was greatly honored to be invited to participate in the Bitcoin Cash core developer meeting:

$70 Million protestor fund seized in HK, what does this mean for crypto?
slp-cli-wallet now includes a burn-tokens command. Burning tokens is an important for passing value in token economic models, like the one used by
slp-sdk v4.14.0 released to fix a bug in tokenUtxoDetails()
This meeting represent the apex of my career to-date. #BitcoinCash is at the cusp of changing society. I'm humbled to be a part of it. Watch the recording:

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Zero-7 is a laid-back techno band. I've got a whole Pandora channel built around them. Chill grooves to write software to.
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Great presentation!
Ha! It's always a pleasant surprise to wake up and find out that one of my community presentations made headlines:
A video presentation on how developers can *earn* #bitcoincash by running and managing a REST API.
Video walk through of a lightweight REST API dedicated to validating SLP token transactions. A much needed tool for anyone running SLP token infrastructure.