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We have a new user named Klaas. Show him some love
Being Jordan Peterson :D
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url to their Telegram

i've posted your wuestion
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you can also talk with them in Telegram. They'll reply faster
Would it be possible to move muted posts away from the Everyone tab to another section?
if you mute someone, their post goes into a new Muted tab and will not appear on your Everyone list.
replied · 6d
It's obvious that BCH has been the chosen one to become cash for the world as it's the first coin that can accomplish it with the highest market cap. All other coins will be secondary.
What do you think the difference is between hanging around in a Cardano group or a BCH group?
What I noticed: in BCH every day new updates, in ADA once a month and it ain't much.
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maybe somebody with some php and sql experience?
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systems like that are ment to be rigged. Dont blame the capitalist, blame government
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the original
Trump doing a famous Charlie Chaplin scene from the Dictator
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Earth Wind & Fire!
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Let us not use Facebook anymore. It has been a new life for me since I stopped using it.
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I show you in the vid I posted before how to accept an offer. And I'll send you some Trump tokens