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I just develop things. I dunno.

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Exciting things coming to Bitcoin Cash Register. :)
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(...) EventSource telling the user to change browsers
- Other bug fixes
tipbitcoin.cash updates:
- Donator names can now be up to 16 chars long. Up from 10.
- Messages, 128 chars. Up from 100.
- A warning is now displayed on Microsoft Edge and other browsers that do not support (...)
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god fucking dammit
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"Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin" will be one of my opinions. :P
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Yep! It's only me working on it. Since I'm terrible with CSS and HTML I *did* use a template/kit but stripped away a lot of bullshit from it. The backend is all mine though. :)
Just introduced a friend to Bitcoin Cash. Sent them about $5 worth.

When I told them all the stuff you can buy with it they were blown away. :)
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It's had a logo since the start :)
Do you need a lightning fast wallet with Cash Accounts support, SLP tokens, CoinText integration, BIP70 support, Tor support, wallet encryption, and automatic send? Crescent Cash is for you. :)

good morning frens
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Privacy is a fundamental human right.
Crescent Cash v1.8.0 is being rolled out to the Google Play Store! Desktop coming soon, too.

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I changed a few UI things so it still tries to make sense to the average user.
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No, the SLP portion still uses a single address. :( The BCH portion now uses the next most available address. bitcoincashj has had it for years.
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Emojis are not handled by me, but are handled by Streamlabs. There isn't much I can do.
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Reminder: https://tipbitcoin.cash is a non-custodial, on-chain tipping service for livestreamers with live donation alerts appearing on screen when a transaction is received!
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And thank you!
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I only added support for Spice for now since it was the only one requested. I don't want to have ALL accepted since someone might send 1000 FAG tokens and get the streamer banned orw/e
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Just realized the typo.

Happy* to announce lmao
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Thank you! :)