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The new economy:
Good information will cost the worst is free or not
Good brings you benefit bad be yours alone
Good rises bad is diminished
Power of We empowers Me
Inclusion or oblivion
Good Will Be Valued

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Why is this concept of 'I own me' so foreign to people?
Why should someone else own what I do, say, or am unless I sold it to them?
Data origin. Where did you get the data? Pay for it.
If it's my data you want? Pay for it.
It is very simple, because IT will all be on the #BSV blockchain available for sale with micro-payments using #BSV
Or maybe you are researching sand, your collection of sand research is valuable to you and can be available for sale. You get paid. They pay YOU for YOUR sand data. #WeChooseSV #BSV

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What will journalism be like when implementing #BSV blockchain systems? All stories will have verification of journalist credentials coupled with news agencies credentials coupled and compliance with codes of standards of practice/ethics, and of course, coupled with validated story sources; All compressed into a two category five star rating system - Story and Journalist
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Same here...
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"In trying to show or describe the truth to someone, I have found, the sad part of deaf and blindness is one can't see and hear."
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Yes and Yes
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Is #BSV universal? Do you want everyone to use it?
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Truth Formula - Self interest is the heart of the disease. Concern for others is a characteristic of self-love. You can't really know now without an eternal consciousness. If the truth were a formula it would be all positive numbers. The lie can never meet the expectation because of the negatives.
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"All income property is valued by it's income stream. It's a margin asset. I call it, "Dollar and a Dime Real Estate." You wouldn't put a dollar in the bank if they only gave you back 95 cents. It has never been any different. It is a basic formula Income / Rate = Value. Now there are additions and subtractions to the income like taxes, maintenance, and depreciation, etc., but the formula stands. This cuts both ways for 1) more housing and 2) less housing. The land absorbs all increased or decreased value. The first five words of the preamble of the National Association of Realtors is, "Under all is the land." We can build them or bulldoze them, increase the zoning or decrease it, but whatever, the value is absorbed by the land." PJ Grube Real Estate Broker
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The #BSV truth chain will solve problems of corruption, fraud and manipulation. I love the concept of a trustless transaction. As people, enterprise, government, and machines utilize the #BSV blockchain many changes will take place. Primarily the individual becomes responsible to the truth. #WeChooseSV
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#BTC is not #BitCoin
#BSV is #BitCoin original protocol
1) Worldwide Micro or Macro payments for less than a penny fee in two seconds.
2) Immutable repository of information.
3) A sustainable 'Mining' operation.
4) Tokens for everything including 'fiat' money.
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All anonymous systems are dead in jurisdictions law can reach. No 'Rule of Law' country is going to allow a system for the transfer or money or information that can not be monitored or turned off. Wars would be fought to defeat them. 'La Principe de Legality' #WeChooseSV #BSV
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I wish that people would stop referencing politics or religion when talking about #BitCoin it's just completely ignorant.
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At 16:48 Craig:
“I would argue we haven’t lost the currency war … Why would we compete with fiat? … We are not the same … They are different things … BitCoin is an underling system. It enables micro payments, it does that natively very well. It enables tokens, you can tokenize money. There is nothing wrong with putting US Dollars or Pounds or euros on top of BitCoin.”
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Something becomes but some don't believe in the origin. That is a very, very old story. Just be grateful for it's coming and know you are not the origin. Have some humility.

#WeChooseSV #BSV
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This is 'The Hot Lead' - Bang on every door - Call on every contact - Pull all the strings - Get in the door!
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The truth formula is all positive numbers. And a lie can never compete because of all of the negatives. #TruthChain