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The new economy:
Good information will cost the worst is free or not
Good brings you benefit bad be yours alone
Good rises bad is diminished
Power of We empowers Me
Inclusion or oblivion
Good Will Be Valued

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This slide shows the basic value proposition for currency tokens (e-money) using the Tokenized Protocol.:
I believe Governments, Banks, Central Banks, Payment Providers should use #BSV blockchain. We need to meet these groups head on with serious solutions to make their jobs easier. Transition from corrupt systems takes time. We need to lead the way. #WeChooseSV
Right now is a great accumulation moment. Remember we have the 'tech' on our side. No one even comes close. Government, Banks and payment providers are the real competition. They are the ones that need convincing or replacing. The rest is noise. #WeChooseSV #BSV Buy Now
Get out
of my way!

You get out
of my way!



#WeChooseSV #BSV

"You see Bitcoin Is a stable protocol. If you change the protocol, you change it from being Bitcoin.
Please bet against me."
Craig Wright - Satoshi's Vision - The Art of Bitcoin
#BSV #WeChooseSV Get the book and read it:
Continuing Consistant #BSV Mining Profitability:
The Future of Money - BBC The Real Story
The discussion of cryptocurrencies: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/w3csyddc
86 trillion dollar world economy.
Just bought my copy. Do you want to know about what is BitCoin? Here it is right from the creator:
Hate fails 100% of the time, it comes from failure.
I was contemplating, "What kind of person would burn down a rainforest?" and then this car jumps in front of me, cutting me off, then slams on the brakes looking for an address. I thought, "Ah... an answer to my question?" We're all here together.

'We are the traffic.'
A myriad of cultural, political and economic chaos fills the media channels while a singular revolutionary innovation is quietly building. Most of those protecting their antiquated market turf scoff and subvert as others build, design and invest on a clear realization of the paradigm shift. #WeChooseBSV
In my earliest memories I was sitting on the stoop of our country farmhouse filling an empty drinking straw package with dirt as I was giving a sales pitch to God, offering to sell Him the dirt... I subsequently became a Real Estate Broker... It may have been a curse.