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#BSV Is not Politics, not religion, not currency, not a place, or a person.
It's apolitical, apathetic. Not anti this, pro that. #BSV stands on it's own. It is a system used, it doesn't promote. It must follow the Rule of Law or its doomed. Even your enemy will use it.
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#BitCoin #BSV is going to replace purchasing and data systems not replace fiat currency. Ten years from now you'll barely hear the name. Governments operate Currency and #BSV will do to purchasing and data systems what Apple did to music and what the internet did to retailing.

Don't get me wrong. #BSV will be extremely valuable but adoption for consumes will be because they are buying something. For retailers because it does something. For data because its own-able immutable, secure and there's no reentry. You'll use it but you wont see it.

#BSV will be used to record/retrieve data, make/receive payments. It will increase in value but be used by Fiat. It wont matter the price because it is a vehicle of transfer. You're in you're out you did what you wanted with whatever app you're using. Price won't matter.
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I just bought a whole load of #BSV 'cheap' (mark my words) The only blockchain that solved all the stumbling blocks. Its a new world and very few knows it.
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