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Permissionless means anyone can use the system. If you mess with the economic protocol you aren't changing Bitcoin, you are creating a shitcoin.
Just completed a 5M satoshi test run. 20x that coming tomorrow.
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Not a bot, just running up the transaction count for giggles.
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@Memo There seems to be a hard limit of 25 unconfirmed actions, could you please lift it?
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voted in poll · 310d DAY 5 MATCH #14/64 Monday, 18 Jun, 18:00 UTC TUNISIA vs ENGLAND 1) Place your bets as tips when you vote 2) NO LIKE-BETTING PLS Max: 10 mil sats/bet Min: 100k sats/bet

England - 1.5 goals (2.20x)

England - 1.5 goals (2.20x)
voted in poll · 313d DAY 3 MATCH #6/64 Saturday, 16 Jun, 13:00 UTC ARGENTINA vs ICELAND 1) Place your bets as tips when you vote NO LIKE-BETTING PLS 2) Max 1,000,000 sats per bet Enjoy!

Argentina - 1.5 goals (1.90x)

Vamos, vamos!
voted in poll · 313d DAY 3 MATCH #5/64 Saturday, 16 Jun, 10:00 UTC FRANCE vs AUSTRALIA 1) Place your bets as tips when you vote, NO LIKE-BETTING PLS 2) Max 1,000,000 sats per bet Enjoy!

France - 1.5 goals (1.60x)

voted in poll · 314d DAY 2 MATCH #4/64 Friday, 15 Jun, 18:00 UTC PORTUGAL vs SPAIN 1) Place your bets as tips. (Max 1,000,000 sats per bet) 2) Post a message along your vote (bet) Enjoy!

Portugal + 0.5 goals (1.65x)

voted in poll · 320d

Friendly match between FRANCE vs USA. Place your bets as tips ladies and gentlemen! Don't forget write something along your vote so I can tip your winnings on that message. Enjoy!

France - 1.5 goals (1.50x)

Wager placed
voted in poll · 321d

Should the Bitcoin Cash blockchain be used to permanently publish/index .torrent file metadata?

Yes let's do it!
voted in poll · 327d

If it was possible, would you be in favor of getting rid of every single gun in the entire world?


Absolutely not.
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We need encrypted PMs and also a 'replace post' and 'obsolete post'. Then we could target those banned from backpage and craigslist.
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Should we be worried about a 51% attack on BCH? Please elaborate your answer:)


Not economically viable to 51% attack Bitcoin otherwise it would have already happened.
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@memo I get cloudflare 502 and 504 errors trying to like multiple posts in quick succession
Maybe better to filter based on weighted like/dislike ratio
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Shop owners in 2028: We accept CASH only, BCH!
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