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August 1st is the 1 year anniversary of the #BCH Hard Fork. We'll be celebrating with a special Bitcoin Cash meetup in #Tokyo.
Event details to be revealed soon! #BitcoinCash #Adoption #BCHforeveryone
Brainstorming ideas for #memo #video hosting support: How about if users could host videos and get paid for the bandwidth in #BCH?
Memo Challenge!
Memo just passed 3,800 users! Everyone makes 20 memo interactions per day that would be 76,000 #BCH Transactions daily! Make a post, comment on a post, like a post. Let’s make Memo Transaction Waves!
Just finished adding LetsEncrypt support to the CashShuffle server. New binaries are available at https://github.com/cashshuffle/cashshuffle/releases/tag/v0.2.0 #BCH #CashShuffle #LetsEncrypt
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https://discoverdash.com <- Look by yourself & realize that #DASH has actually A LOT more adoption than #BCH (http://usebitcoin.cash or http://where.cash) that's why it is going viral.
I designed this Bitcoin Cash #BuiltForBusiness 'Super Brochure' highlighting how easy it can be to start accepting #BCH. Free to Share & Distribute
The #Bitcoin vending machine software prototype is ready. Next up is the hardware. #BCH
To celebrate the addition of #BitcoinCash, purse.io partnered with the Bitcoin Cash Fund to give cash back to users who shop or earn #BCH in June 2018!

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I've just downloaded and installed every single android wallet for #BCH listed on the https://www.bitcoincash.org/ site. In the coming days I'll fund each with $10 or so.
I’m curious... If btc didn’t have the monopoly on exchange trading pairs.,. You could use any crypto to buy/trade anything on any exchange. Do you think #BCH daily transactions would be higher than btc?
Tom Zander
The goal of BCH is to become a world money. We lost a lot of steam, a lot ended up waiting. And the "danger" was over in an hour! And really, there was no danger. Can we get back to building again?
I know I will! #bch
Are there any good debit cards for BCH?
#debit #card #BCH #Bitcoin
Dr. Craig S Wright Interview: Bangkok Miners Summit 2018 @ProfFaustus #BCH #BitcoinCash
2 more with BCH via #Cointext. We had a little session on using #BCH vs using it as a store of value. They understood the value of using vs hodl. And will be attending the #bchmeetup
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You really like to see massive #BitcoinCash adaption in USA? Get in touch with #AlexJones. #PayPal is screwing with him. He has tens of millions of fans. They all like to support him. #BCH
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Let’s get #BCH to mass adoption 😏😉😎
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Memo r/btc bot goes offline for 5 days. It only took 7 seconds after tipping for it to come back to life. #BCH #FastBCH #BCHBots
2083d · Bitcoin Core (BTCC) is real Bitcoin Cash, BCH is Bcash
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My new #Bitcoin #BCH #WordPress plugin Blurry Images. Automatically blur images on your blog to encourage users to tip. See a live demo here https://cashtippr.com/blurry-images/
#BTC #crypto adoption😃🤞
#WormholeCash might be a pump and dump scam. You can't back coins with burned coins. CTOR is like a segwit knockoff.

Wu is way too aligned with BTC.

I don't like CSW but, he is not close with BTC. #BCH
Bitcoin Cash is fueled by Adoption not Speculation.


Excellent read! Only 3-4 minutes. Short n Sweet #BCH
futures so bright im gonna have to wear shades #bch
I just saved 20% by shopping @PurseIO! I have both bought and earned now. Amazing system. Click the link to save an extra $5 and I get $5 too. https://purse.io/?_r=2wDnfC #BCH #amazon #shopping
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#BCH leadership is always talking about future expectations, which did not materialize so far (where is the bitcoin.com debit card???). #DASH has actually done it and educated people.
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Hi everyone! I am getting married soon and it is a tradition to gift gold pieces to couples on wedding day here. But i want to make a stand for #bch tips. I really would appreciate your ideas
Vitalik Buterin takes on Twitter to praise #BCH