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Anyone else complete #soberoctober? Join me on memo for that sweet SLP token reward. 🏆🏆🏆 Congrats #bitcoin community!
The #Bitcoin vending machine software prototype is ready. Next up is the hardware. #BCH
My latest artsy crypto project in the making:

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Happy Bitcoin Cash Day!

Today marks 1 Year since the #BitcoinRebirth

Thanks to the whole #BitcoinCash community for supporting the true vision of #Bitcoin as peer-to-peer electronic cash!
Are there any good debit cards for BCH?
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#Bitcoin maximalists are the #Antifa Terrorists of #cryptocurrencies
Coretards are submitting false 1 star review for the Bitcoin.com wallet app both in the appstore and playstore.

Make sure to submit your review and make a comment too.

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"More node implementations.. competition are good for #Bitcoin.
.. #BitcoinSV project welcomes engagement from other implementation developer teams
that choose to support the consensus changes proposed by #BitcoinSV."
609d · Bitcoin Cash
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My new #Bitcoin #BCH #WordPress plugin Blurry Images. Automatically blur images on your blog to encourage users to tip. See a live demo here https://cashtippr.com/blurry-images/
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291d · Bitcoin SV
#BitCoin #BSV is going to replace purchasing and data systems not replace fiat currency. Ten years from now you'll barely hear the name. Governments operate Currency and #BSV will do to purchasing and data systems what Apple did to music and what the internet did to retailing.

Don't get me wrong. #BSV will be extremely valuable but adoption for consumes will be because they are buying something. For retailers because it does something. For data because its own-able immutable, secure and there's no reentry. You'll use it but you wont see it.

#BSV will be used to record/retrieve data, make/receive payments. It will increase in value but be used by Fiat. It wont matter the price because it is a vehicle of transfer. You're in you're out you did what you wanted with whatever app you're using. Price won't matter.
723d · Bitcoin Core (BTCC) is real Bitcoin Cash, BCH is Bcash
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"#BitcoinCash is the ONLY blockchain
that is embracing a scaling plan
that can work and work NOW.
It is the fast, instant and global cash solution

that #Bitcoin was always meant to be."
- Shadders333
Announcing the all new CoinSpice Show. Corentin Mercier, a skilled developer in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem, joins Hayden Otto on the channel as co-hosts.
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#Bitcoin is a censorship resistant communiction protocol, just like the old http internet but censorship resistant, now tell me the internet has no instrinsic value!!
369d · Bitcoin SV
All of a sudden. Regulation friendly, Scale, Utility, Security only with the original #Bitcoin #BSV
The rats started to flee from the sinking turd...

#Bitcoin #Blockstream
332d · Bitcoin SV
Why is the biggest flip in history coming? #BSV vs #BTC
Because #BSV is the Real Original #BitCoin and is the only Coin with massive on chain scaling to create a sustainable transaction based mining income. Miners are moving to #BSV money. #BitCoinSV rules and #craigissatoshi
531d · RoyalTiffany
Whale Alert: 66,233 BTC just sent from an address not active since 2014

Download Chat.Chat: https://apple.co/2DNYc9V

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Today I learned that Vitalik B doesn't like #BSV.

Makes sense, since he's staked (pun intended) his reputation on CSW being a fraud, and hence #BSV not being the real deal Bitcoin.

What's awkward is that since the split in November, many of the people who profess to know what is going on have been overwhelmed but how things have moved forward. That is why they hang on to focusing on individuals like CSW, because they're unable to admit and see through the fog that what Bitcoin ABC did was to cheat the system, that they were wrong, and that the future implications for BCH are actually dire. As upsetting that is.

Unfortunately when the split first happened people were still somewhat open to hearing ideas from the other side, but after a few months when speaking with people it seems that may ideas have cemented in their mind (be it wrong or right).

I truly feel that many people are actually trying to convince themselves, but acting like they've got a good po...
589d · BCH Speculation
Dead cat or back to the Moon? #GartleyPattern or what? #Bitcoin #CryptoCurrency #BTC
No one loves Bitcoin BTC like Samson Mow does.

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