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Can you tip me some #BSV so that I can share my ideas on Memo SV?
1507d · Bitcoin SV
The speculative 'Crypto' market is doomed. Give me real assets, real fundamentals, Scale, Utility, Security, and Stability. I support #BSV #BitcoinSV move the platform out of the toxic fraud markets. Talk fundamentals. I bet against ranters always.
1384d · Bitcoin SV
#BSV Is not Politics, not religion, not currency, not a place, or a person.
It's apolitical, apathetic. Not anti this, pro that. #BSV stands on it's own. It is a system used, it doesn't promote. It must follow the Rule of Law or its doomed. Even your enemy will use it.
1429d · Bitcoin SV
The biggest flip in history is coming. #BSV vs. #BTC
1361d · Bitcoin SV
"You see Bitcoin Is a stable protocol. If you change the protocol, you change it from being Bitcoin.
Please bet against me."
Craig Wright - Satoshi's Vision - The Art of Bitcoin
#BSV #WeChooseSV Get the book and read it:
BSV Team says hello to the community ❤

#bsvteam #nchain #BSV
1432d · Bitcoin SV
What I find interesting is, if you are into #BTC for the money and then you find out that #CraigisSatoshi and #BitcoinSV really does it all, you could 55x your coins right now by trading them for #BSV and the realization that when #BSV flips #BTC in 2020 the value is stunning.
Today I learned that Vitalik B doesn't like #BSV.

Makes sense, since he's staked (pun intended) his reputation on CSW being a fraud, and hence #BSV not being the real deal Bitcoin.

What's awkward is that since the split in November, many of the people who profess to know what is going on have been overwhelmed but how things have moved forward. That is why they hang on to focusing on individuals like CSW, because they're unable to admit and see through the fog that what Bitcoin ABC did was to cheat the system, that they were wrong, and that the future implications for BCH are actually dire. As upsetting that is.

Unfortunately when the split first happened people were still somewhat open to hearing ideas from the other side, but after a few months when speaking with people it seems that may ideas have cemented in their mind (be it wrong or right).

I truly feel that many people are actually trying to convince themselves, but acting like they've got a good po...
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Here you go @memobch. Testing the send #BSV feature built into sv.memo.cash.
1465d · Bitcoin SV
All of a sudden. Regulation friendly, Scale, Utility, Security only with the original #Bitcoin #BSV
1387d · Bitcoin SV
#BitCoin #BSV is going to replace purchasing and data systems not replace fiat currency. Ten years from now you'll barely hear the name. Governments operate Currency and #BSV will do to purchasing and data systems what Apple did to music and what the internet did to retailing.

Don't get me wrong. #BSV will be extremely valuable but adoption for consumes will be because they are buying something. For retailers because it does something. For data because its own-able immutable, secure and there's no reentry. You'll use it but you wont see it.

#BSV will be used to record/retrieve data, make/receive payments. It will increase in value but be used by Fiat. It wont matter the price because it is a vehicle of transfer. You're in you're out you did what you wanted with whatever app you're using. Price won't matter.
1414d · Bitcoin SV
1428d · Bitcoin SV
Why is the biggest flip in history coming? #BSV vs #BTC
Because #BSV is the Real Original #BitCoin and is the only Coin with massive on chain scaling to create a sustainable transaction based mining income. Miners are moving to #BSV money. #BitCoinSV rules and #craigissatoshi
1469d · Bitcoin SV
I am so stoked. I don't have to pay the ridicules fees at Coinbase any longer. I can now make fee-less debit card transfers to my Robinhood account and buy the original #Bitcoin #BSV finally a simple painless direct way to move dollars to #BSV - Wonderful - https://share.robinhood.com/patricg2124
All in on BSV.

It's possibly the last shot for sound money.

I truly believe many Bitcoin cash supporters, who are generally early to Bitcoin will see this. It'll take some time and open discussion.

#Bitcoin #BSV #3rdTimeLucky
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Hi @memo, I am trying to post but it's letting me know I need some #bsv to get started...
Now you can do a live action video ad for only $5 in Bitcoin SV on Fivebucks ┗(°0°)┛#bitcoin #bitcoinsv #bitcoincash #bsv #bch https://fivebucks.com/listing/videoproud/do-a-20s-live-action-video-ad
1471d · Bitcoin SV
If you don't like the copyright and you think it is an infringement on your work then sue him. #BSV #BitcoinSV #BTC
1301d · Bitcoin SV
What will journalism be like when implementing #BSV blockchain systems? All stories will have verification of journalist credentials coupled with news agencies credentials coupled and compliance with codes of standards of practice/ethics, and of course, coupled with validated story sources; All compressed into a two category five star rating system - Story and Journalist
1305d · Bitcoin SV
Is #BSV universal? Do you want everyone to use it?
1334d · Bitcoin SV
The truth formula is all positive numbers. And a lie can never compete because of all of the negatives. #TruthChain
1356d · Bitcoin SV
I believe Governments, Banks, Central Banks, Payment Providers should use #BSV blockchain. We need to meet these groups head on with serious solutions to make their jobs easier. Transition from corrupt systems takes time. We need to lead the way. #WeChooseSV
Right now is a great accumulation moment. Remember we have the 'tech' on our side. No one even comes close. Government, Banks and payment providers are the real competition. They are the ones that need convincing or replacing. The rest is noise. #WeChooseSV #BSV Buy Now
1361d · Bitcoin SV
Continuing Consistant #BSV Mining Profitability:
1414d · Bitcoin SV
#BSV is NOT politics or religion, It is worst thing that could happen.
It's apathetic.
Go ahead use it for your political and religious things, but, don’t confuse a universal system of social and economic connection with political or religious movements.