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· 1d
Today I was reminded again, not your keys, not your coins. Also, custodial sucks. Downloaded the new SPEDN app, got an invite code, deposited BCH, only to learn you can't withdraw, only spend. What a joke. #dailymemo
· 3d
After about a month of #dailymemo I've earned around 500,000 satoshis. I know it's not much, but I didn't have to read one advertisement in the process, and no company is selling my data for their own profits.
Did anyone catch that debate with Roger and Tone in Malta? Wow. #dailymemo
🍕🍕Bitcoin Pizza day in Tokyo at Two Dogs Taproom featured two meetups. BCH on main floor. BTC on upper floor.

Total purchases paid in BCH: 40+
Total purchases paid in BTC: 0 (Fiat/credit only😂)

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· 6d
Haven't been getting much engagement on my last couple of posts. At least with memo I can be rest assured it's because the quality of the posts and not due to censorship. #dailymemo
· 4d
How about gamifying memo so that you can see who or what posts have gotten the most tips on a daily/weekly/monthly/etc. basis? A leaderboard of some kind. #dailymemo
· 10d
Today only proved again how resilient Bitcoin Cash is. I'd like to see any other coin get attacked as much as BCH and survive. If BCH is going to topple the current financial system, it needs to be tested. #dailymemo
Catching up on sleep tonight. What a wild couple days. #dailymemo
· 11d
Not that any of you care, but I spend at least a solid 3 minutes of each day thinking of what to post for my #dailymemo.
· 8d
Thank god it's Friday :). That is all.

Installed a price widget on my phones homescreen. Huge mistake. #dailymemo
· 15d
To the creators of Memo: You guys came up with such a great name. It's perfect.

"Did you see my memo?"

Not to mention memo.cash has such a nice ring to it. (memo.sv, not so much)

Like, comment, post, repeat. Like, comment, post, repeat. Like, comment, post, repeat. Like, comment, post, repeat. Like, comment, post, repeat. Like, comment, post, repeat. Like, comment, post, repeat. #dailymemo ;)
Enjoyed a nice birthday dinner with the misses tonight. 🎂Cake read "BCH to the moon!"

She gets me. #dailymemo
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Enjoying the final season of Game of Thrones so far? #dailymemo
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· 17d
I support Bitcoin Cash because I want to see a world that isn't controlled by banks and governments. #dailymemo
· 19d
This is my 13th day of #dailymemo. I'm already starting to lose some steam but I'm determined to do this for one year. Don't ask me why. Anyway, I'm currently at 249,034 satoshis. Have a good day.
· 18d
I know some in the community are against twitter on the blockchain. They say it causes network bloat. If memo replaced twitter that's 500 million txs/day. Good thing BCH is aiming for 500 billion txs/day. #dailymemo
Local Bitcoin Cash is so close to being finished. We're enabling 0conf and testing some more over the next week. Finalizing translations then aiming to launch for early May. Local.bitcoin.com for more info! #dailymemo

Wandering through Tokyo ⛩️ today and stopping at a couple places to spend Bitcoin Cash ☕. Making a habit of finding a place each week to spend and support growth. #dailymemo

· 9d
Here's some fiction I wrote. Sorry but you gotta pay in BCH to read it. I'd make it cheaper but I think .001 BCH is the lowest you can set for the paywall. #dailymemo

Is your #dailymemo for you actually posting something? Or does liking and commenting on others posts count also?
· 20d
Watched the weekly bitcoin.com news show and was reminded of BCH's ultimate goal of 50 on chain txs/day for 10 billion people. I think that message isn't heard enough. #dailymemo
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How many BCHers that you know on social media have you met IRL? #dailymemo
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