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#faketoshi fraudulent fail fork can't die soon enough! Get out of #shitversion while you still can! #delistbsv #howembarrasing
Faketoshi fraud continues to be exposed. Shit Version users are being embarrassed daily. #delistbsv https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/bpdac1/address_16cou7ht6wjtzufydbnht9hmvxytg6xdvt_does/
Faketoshi is a fraud/criminal. He'll be in jail soon. Get out of shit version while you still can #delistbsv http://bitcoinmagazine.com/articles/op-ed-how-many-wrongs-make-wright/
#delistbsv Shit Version will die soon.
He should learn to stop following the criminal faketoshi and his fraudulant fail fork shit version. #delistbsv
Faketoshi fail fork keeps losing devs exchanges and implementations. Shit version users are so fucked. #delistbsv
Shapeshift to #delistbsv. Kraken likely to follow suit. Shit Version can't die fast enough.
Faketoshi is a criminal fraudster with a week documented history of shameful behavior. Drop shit version and #delistbsv now! https://github.com/kosinusbch/cult-of-craig/blob/master/README.md
Faketoshi had until Wednesday to prove he has Satoshi's bitcoins. He won't because he can't so he'll lose in court, be proven a fraud yet again and sit version will go down. #delistbsv
Shit Version has 6 block reorg because they didn't do any of the work necessary to make sure big blocks would actually work. What a fucking incompetent shit show they're running. #delistbsv
Faketoshi and his idiot financier fail to harm Bitcoin Cash and lose money trying to. #delistbsv https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/bp2y4r/dont_worry_about_the_mempool_being_backed_up_now/
The faketoshi fail fork known as Shit Version run by criminal frauds isn't going to win. Their scam chain can only hope to survive by the legitimate Bitcoin chain dying. It won't. #delistbsv
Faketoshi has zero degrees of separation from fraud, lies, criminal acts and l charlatanism. #delistbsv
Faketoshi and his legal team are such incompetent frauds that they can't even hide their blatant lies properly. #delistbsv