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· 6d · Memo
Just released an update to #hashtags. There were a few cases that weren't handled properly. If you notice any #bugs with hash tags please let me know. #memo
· 21d
It seems like the #memo faucet is up and running again and working with SLP tokens? Awesome work Memo devs!
· 422d · memo
#memo now supports #hashtags!
· 173d
A bunch of fake accounts have been created just now. be aware of these impostors:

· 421d
#Memo now supports #hashtag and i will make #gif trending 😁
· 173d
#memo is amazing😍😍😍
· 459d · memo
Memo update released: can now search ranked and new posts. Makes it easy to search for mentions and hashtags. @memo #memo
· 125d · Memo Suggestions
#memo I would love to host another memo, simply with a different UI & UX, would you like to review the code on github & help me set up the server? Any chat where we could communicate?
· 417d
Brainstorming ideas for #memo #video hosting support: How about if users could host videos and get paid for the bandwidth in #BCH?
· 238d · memo
What's the roadmap for #memo? Initial hype ended and split also cased further decline, so wondering what's the plan for the future :)
· 151d
I would rather be surfing #Memo.
· 244d
I would personally like to thank the #Memo team for giving me a social media alternative that I did not have before. Cheers!
· 422d
By posting, I am helping to grow #Memo. I hope the owners appreciate this in a couple of years when it gets huge. I did this on Yours.org and they didn't reciprocate enough.
· 179d
Everyone on #Memo that likes Bitcoin Cash on Twitter should RT this post:

replied · 421d
Nice. How about adding #video support? I guess with some external hosting like #ipfs?
A translation of satoshis into USD might be useful too. Do I send donations via the #memo tip jar?
· 341d · memo
Memo Chain Comparison Dashboards (Timelines) On main site (green): 1st, 7th, and 9th memo using unsplit coins. 2nd-6th and 8th using ABC, thus not on SV. 👍 #hashwar #memo
replied · 417d
If the mute button is activated on #Memo, it could possibly slow adoption since users won't feel their voice is heard and stop posting...
· 418d
Memo needs to add a mute/block function QUICKLY. Im starting to see SPAM more and more frequently. This needs to be priority #1. #Memo
replied · 419d
Nobody can stop people from burning coins,but noone can stop others from warning people not to... #memo
· 247d
Does #Memo have a blocking feature to block users who I don't want to view my feed?
replied · 417d
I think other features are needed before the #Memo mute button. We want more transactions on the network...
· 244d
#memo @memo on mobile trying to set default tip, when sat is less than min/dust amount, and then save; no error message is shown to notify me about the problem. Maybe show there is a min amount to configure
· 246d
@memo #memo #bug I've been getting double notifications on the app for likes and replies on my posts.
replied · 305d
I'd rather have this message hidden
#memo #memochat
replied · 417d
Welcome to #Memo.
· 362d
Join #WhoisBCHKing challenge to win 3000000 SATs. An anonymous chat room has been created to facilitate discussion on the hard fork.Click: bit.ly/WhoisBCHKing

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