People who live in 1st world capitalist countries... you should pay attention to this also, as it will, or already has, affected your lives negatively also. If you don't understand the most basic reason why Capitalism is exploitative and unstable system, you will keep making a mistake by defending this system which will (or already has) negatively affect you also.
ED posted the following link at "memo.sv/topic/Capitalism" as an attempt to show that capitalism is broken. Thoughts? (I have many)
So nobody wants to even give a comment. This video is a low hanging fruit, it is easy to deconstruct. Are everyone except me here just to shout at the other side with the words of others?
Rampant spamming and abuse of the commons that we all share is exactly what the #fuckingcapitalists have done throughout all of human history. Their endless greed and insane ego harm us all.
Even these guys can make the connection that the MATRIX is actually created by CAPITALISM.
Milton Freedman, Austrian Economics & Free Market Capitalism is provable load of garbage

There are so many real life examples of how this ideology of Austrian economics which promotes "Free Market Capitalism" meaning UNREGULATED Capitalism, has created so many WORSE things in society (including endless WARS) and has not made things better at all, that if you STILL want to ignore this, it can only mean you are IGNORANT.

Economics In One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt is one of the best books about economics I've read so far. I understand capitalism much better because of it. #fuckingcapitalists
It is great to see some real talk in here, as opposed to the usual trench warfare of "Capitalism is great!" "No it's terrible!" "No, it's great and you are a ...." nonsense and LR astroturfing!
LightRider: according the amount and quality of your comments, you surely doing anything useful to the society besides selling your demented propaganda in your free time, in your...
...safe and modern house, with your computer and smartphone, produced by exploited saints with the help of evil capitalists. I am so curious what do you contributed to the society besides...
...your dementia and how do those who producing and developing cars exploit those who DO NOT producing those cars.
@ILoveMoney You are an IDIOT
Owning a factory is NOT work... Logic says so.... so people who OWN factories where your cars and phones are produced, is NOT produced by those owners... they are actually produced by WORKERS. Get your stupid head out of your asshole as every time you morons say shit like this, you stink up the place... so either keep your dumb head in your asshole and don't talk, or get smarter and see the truth and logic in the eye. CAPITALISTS EXPLOIT WORK OF OTHERS and that is a FACT.
Whoever still thinks that Trump is not part of the Capitalist Oligarchy swamp... right now, CIA backed militia is committing a coup in Bolivia, US is supporting it, and what is Trump doing? Not a fucking thing... so if you still support Trump (not saying that Democrats are any better), you are a brainwashed MORON as well, and for that I wish on all of you and your families to eventually get same treatment as CIA/US Capitalist Oligarchy have done to billions of people world wide over the last century... FUCK ALL OF YOU !!!
Here's more evidence that I am correct about what Capitalism produces... and how the OUTCOME of the Capitalists system will depend on the PERSONALITY of the individual (Capitalist) and this is EXACTLY what we got
Oh, and here we go... the BSV Capitalism loving fuckheads, who can't stand hearing truth about Capitalism got me BANNED in their channel... FUCKING HYPOCRITES https://discordapp.com/channels/518359436415467522/518359436859932674
Parasitic, Psychopathic and Sociopathis truth hating shitheads... that is what the all are.. this is why the only way to get rid of such scum is through VIOLENCE aka REVOLUTION, which is what October revolution started... and why Monarchs and Capitalists of the west, especially US and UK, two countries which TO THIS DAY, attack other countries and people for Capitalist profiteering, have always been lying about Socialism and Communism. Literally everything they said about Capitalism and Communism is the OPPOSITE to the truth... and every time I prove to them that they are full of shit... CENSORSHIP kicks in... as it did just now. I got banned on r/bitcoin, then on r/btc, then on Twitter, and now in Lisa/River Discord also.
But I don't give a shit... I will always say this truth, and anyone who can't take it, can get fucked.
Oh and by the way, when you discuss something, and someone just comes and tells you to fuck off, no arguments back, and then banns you, that shows that this person has exact same type of fucked up mentality of those low level IQ people who don't know how to reason, and there are quite a few people like that in BSV as well. On average, I think, people in BSV are actually nor any better then people in BTC or BCH, the only difference is, they know BSV is better financial choice because it scales and that's about it, their personality is as fucked up as personality of many other people in crypto, they are still sociopaths.
The #fuckingcapitalists are murdering all of humanity.
Running my game engine on a north korean laptop https://streamable.com/x9tko
Revolut froze hungarian people's accounts. People reported it to the police, the service will maybe get banned in Hungary. This is the reason why humanity needs cryptourrency!
LightRider is a bot. Where is the filter feature for this forum?!?!?!