Remember the CIA director comment: "When everything American public believe is a lie, our job will be done"US
UK, US, Canada, Australia... are all part of the same NAZI cabal, which started centuries ago in Austria/Germany (so called British Monarchy are actually of German decent, they are not even British), many units in US military wears Nazi insignia also, tons of Nazi groups in America also, the way CIA has been running propaganda, MSM repeating it all without any questioning... it all comes together in same circle... every attack on Socialist nations, every war since WWI, was driven by Fascism of the Capitalists... and European Monarchies... and US has been since WWII and is this way to this day, as Nazi Germany was during WWII... and this is the truth that American people need to digest and accept... and then fucking ACT TO CHANGE THIS !!!
So you think you understand Bitcoin? This should blow your mind...
My review on CSW's article "How Keynes Failed To Comprehend Say’s Law"
Link to the article: https://craigwright.net/blog/economics/how-keynes-failed-to-comprehend-says-law-2/
Bitcoin BTC Marketing through Crypto News Outlets is pure P R O P A G A N D A
https://streamanity.com/video/GReTkZhtGiKZ6N *video is uploaded only on Streamanity
My thoughts on Universal Basic Income https://streamanity.com/video/GReTkZhtGiKZ6N *video is uploaded only on Streamanity (forgot the title)
WHAT IS BITCOIN? Here is why almost everyone gets it wrong...
Omar Bham (Crypt0) asked a Question about Bitcoin so let me answer it...
Do you see BITCOIN as a COIN or as a NETWORK?
Bitcoin and abuse of the term FREEDOM when trying to justify anonymity
Bitcoin is Centrally Planned system but it obeys Natural Laws
Lets have a talk about Bitcoin, BTC, Lightning & Liquid and one THEORY of mine
(Not your usual) BTC Price Prediction !
BITCOIN makes new WORLD RECORD on Testnet
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Too many people are brainwashed about what Capitalism and Communism is
For those who find all this a bit confusing, due to a technicality, when you make a transaction on one of BSV/BCH chains, the transaction may end up on both. Memo messages have the same property
User -ED- probably posted the above on memo.sv, and it "automatically" ended up here. He has said a lot more about the issue on memo.sv. Nothing worth reading I'd say, but much text.
IMPORTANT MESSAGE to all BSV supporters

I am just watching the interview of the guy who created Twetch, on David Knight show... sorry, I don't put significance in remembering the guys name especially because... he started explaining to Davit how BTC got hijacked by Core devs, how they started changing the protocol, explained why BSV is the actual Bitcoin protocol, etc... so this is all good.... but then really pisses me off when he starts calling these devs and people behind them, as some sort of "Communist" takeover...

Seriously... stop talking this crap!

This is exactly how propaganda narrative is created, straight after he used the term "Communist", even called owner of Twitter as "Communist", I saw people in chat repeating the same thing, which is how when lies are created, and people start repeating them like parrots, without actual understanding of who people behind hijacking of BTC are, and what Communism is (of course he doesn't even know w...
Just an FYI... person at Yours.org pointed out to me that Jeff Lebovski and I am sure there are others who think the same, has been saying I am paid to support BSV, and how he would bet that I am paid to do this. Let me only say that, you should never make such a bet as you will always lose. I am 100% true me, I would hope people could see this by listening to things I have been saying, in particular, I am the ONLY person in whole crypto, including BSV, that has seen and pointed out, that PoW is based on Communist principle and not Capitalist. I have made many videos in the past 2 years, I have provided in detail reasoning why I got into BTC, how I started looking into scaling debate, learning how Bitcoin system is designed to work, and I did my own research, I listened to all sides of debate for a long time, and how and why I could see that BCH became continuation of Bitcoin system and not BTC, and how and why BSV became continuation of Bitcoin system and not BCH... so all the reas...
People who understand BITCOIN & PoW properly are VERY RARE
There are quite a few brainwashed people in Bitcoin SV also
Could this be real reason some people call Craig Wright a Fraud?