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What is 'improved' anyway?
That definition is primarily subjective, but rooted in natural law
Regarding the rice discussion above, there is a world of difference between white "polished" rice which is what most people eat today and whole grain "unpolished" rice.
My advice would be avoid white rice, but not whole grain rice, which is what they ate in the past (so the argument of the past feels irrelevant to me).
"Subjecting yourself to self-imposed discipline is the shortest way to increase the quality of your existence, period". From this guy:
Just try quinoa!
Quinoa is good too. So is lots of other foods, like beans.
Review your contracts (internet, phone, electricity, gas, insurance, etc.) #saving #money
When purchasing food, one factor to consider when comparing products apart from taste, texture, etc. is unit price. The lower it is, the more you get for your money. #MondayMemo
To extend the useful lifespan of your computer, consider installing a lightweight Linux distribution. If you still need Windows occasionally, make a dual-boot setup. #MondayMemo
When paying with cash, take all the change you get, no matter how small, and deduct some for tips if desired. You lose money whenever you leave change on the counter. #MondayMemo
When saving, it helps to have a goal you wish to achieve. For some, it might be material, like acquiring a home, or it can be abstract, like financial independence. #MondayMemo
It's good to take a break from social media every now and then. One can get so carried away focusing on others' lives and problems that they overlook their own. #MondayMemo
When looking for a job, even an odd one (no pun intended), consider one you find comfortable doing for hours at a time. #MondayMemo
Avoid taking out mortgages and using credit cards when possible. You might feel free at first, but when the bills come pouring in, you'll realize you aren't free. #MondayMemo
To avoid destructive habits, you need to avoid opportunities to engage in them. This strategy works only if you're occupied by work or self-improvement in general. #MondayMemo
Being a person of value involves learning from mistakes and making the most of your station in life. Use your failures to guide you toward success. #MondayMemo
Lift to get huge and strong. If you’re muscular and strong and a friend asks you to help them move, you can tell them to ask someone else and they won’t argue.
Suggestions for fighting depression; what do you do to keep your head above water?
Teach those who are willing to learn. There is no point in teaching those who do not even care to listen, as it will cost you time and nerves while yielding nothing. #MondayMemo
Make an effort to reciprocate favors someone does for you. For instance, if someone got you out of debt or other trouble, then help them or someone else do the same. #MondayMemo
Ignore all tokens, ICOs and other pretend value items in the Bitcoin space, and you will have far less scams to have to deal with
Not giving up applies especially if you have a good idea, such as for a project. If you give up, someone else will capitalize on your idea and succeed. #MondayMemo