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You can't come and go as you please. You can't just leave a man in the middle of a highway in the rain and expect him to throw his arms around you the next morning.
Good evening, dear friends. Have a good time on the Internet.
If God gave it to you, it means you knew you could stand it.
In a calm and friendly state, we perceive the environment, although subjectively, but close to reality.
When something touches, stirs our mind, throws us off balance, everything is perceived in a distorted form, like an image on water that a stone has been thrown into.
Unfortunately, we tend to blame other people for our suffering. Everything we get from life is caused by us, not by someone else. Usually people see the causes of all the troubles and troubles in others, without even trying to look at themselves from the outside. But everything that we carry into the world comes back to us from the world. All our impulses, thoughts, and desires are manifested by some external events or internal experiences.
It requires the courage to take full responsibility for your future. Only by improving your consciousness and thinking can you clearly see your responsibility not only for words, actions, but also for thoughts, desires, and motivations.
When a person sees the causes of trouble and suffering in himself and is aware of them, he tries to change his attitude to the world around him and the unpleasant situations that come. It is easier for them to ask for forgiveness or apologize to someone without being afraid to look "wrong" or funny in the ...
An elderly man with a guide dog walked into the store where I work. He stopped in front of the postcard stand and began to hold each one close to his eyes in turn, trying to read the inscription. I was about to go up to him and offer to help, but the big truck driver beat me to it. He asked the old man if he needed help, and then began to read all the inscriptions on the cards to him, one by one, until finally the old man said: "This is the right one. She's very nice and my wife will definitely like her.
It so happened that the only child in my life was born healthy, but after the first vaccination, I began to suffocate. And the doctors still could not make a diagnosis, every day, he was getting worse and worse. And the doctors just threw up their hands and discharged us from the hospital with the words: he is not a resident in this world. I did not give up and looked for any way to help my angel.
The wise man I turned to advised me to baptize the child in an Orthodox Church, despite the fact that his biological father is a Muslim. Turning to close friends and relatives with a request to be a godmother to my son, I received refusal after refusal. All as one declared that he would die anyway, and to take such responsibility only to anger God.
Help came from nowhere. A neighbor, whom we didn't even say Hello to, saw my depressed state and asked what was the matter. After listening to my confused explanations due to tears and hysteria, she promised to h...
God woke up early this morning…
He read complaints and requests…
And people from the jug without cheating
I poured what I wanted into my heart…
But not everyone's heart was open
And not everyone has a place for a Miracle.
The envy, enmity propped up the door…
Then greed does not allow you to pour success…
And someone has spilled to the brim
Sadness and hopelessness, that's the trouble.
And God was sorry that the heart was hidden…
Love wanted to pour, but that's where?
And God was sad that people can't
Clean the hearts and souls of resentment…
They turn to stone over the years
And the heart turns to granite...
but God walked, looked and smiled,
When the hearts of lovers met.
He took the jug and did his best,
I carefully poured happiness into their hearts…
And people gradually splashed
God-given grace
And everyone around them was blamed for the loss,
Forgetting to look for fault in ourselves…
After all, if we could forgive and believe,
To love, to thank and to let go,
Good evening, everyone. Be blessed and kept by God. Peace and grace to you .
It's never too late to change your life… You just need to want it to change. The hardest thing is to want change. Most often, we get tired, give up and just lose the desire to change something and slowly go with the flow-skipping the turns we need and the berths created for us...
When people hurt you over and over again, think of them as sandpaper. They may touch you and hurt you a little, but in the end you will be polished to perfection, and they will not be of any use.
Learn to distinguish what is important. Higher education is not an indicator of intelligence. Beautiful words are not an indicator. Beautiful appearance is not a quality of a person. Learn to appreciate the soul, to believe in actions and deeds.
Be content with what you have, enjoy what is happening to You. When You realize that you are not lacking in anything, the entire universe will belong to You.
Simplicity is one of the best qualities of a person.
If there is even one blooming branch left in your soul, a singing bird will always sit on it.
What you can't get always seems better than what you have. This is the romance and idiocy of human life.
Never criticize another person's actions if you don't know why they did them. Perhaps you would have done the same under the same circumstances.
I walk slowly, but I never move back.
If you want to change something forever, stop thinking about how big your problems are and think about how big you are.