"As in the preverbal flawless diamond, perfection is riddled with flaws." PJ Grube
"It's the solutions that carry us" PJ Grube
"There is truth and there is fantasy
The problem with fantasy is it is not real
The glory of the truth is that it is
Fantasy is absent reality
There is a difference between fantasy and dreams
Dreams have a practical relevance to the truth" PJ Grube
"Maybe paranoia is an early symptom." PJ Grube
LONGLINE - “The atom smasher at CERN, France found the ‘higgs boson god particle’, and at the same time may have altered or created an alternate universe. It was the same year of the Hillary Clinton / Donald Trump presidential election. The event may very well have ended the universe where Hillary Clinton was to be president and merged with the altered universe where Trump became president. CERN plans more events.” Screenplay by PJ Grube
"Blind faith is unnecessary, courage comes from evidentiary faith built on experience." - PJ Grube
While most peoples' opinions change, the conviction of their correctness never does.
"Everything 'Trump' is hilarious because it is so tragic." PJ Grube
"I've noticed as I get older my 'want' and my 'do' don't match up as often." PJ Grube
"All this insanity (social, political and financial) all makes sense to those that own the system. They built it for themselves not us." PJ Grube
"It is not, when will it get back to normal? It is, what will be the norm?" PJ Grube
"I don't remember not being here." PJ Grube
"Some fall still, the doors close, values tumble, pall spreads wide and the viral aerosol lingers." PJ Grube
I suggest one simple action:

"Pause all debt service and rents or leases, top to bottom, rich/poor, public/private, business or personal." PJ Grube
"Never bet against a fools errand." PJ Grube
“I’m tired of food being defined by bigotry.” PJ Grube
Alexander Hamilton started the U.S. Treasury with nothing - and that was
the closest our country has ever been to being even.
-- The Best of Will Rogers
“Our food grows out of the ground!” PJ Grube
We often forget the miraculous nature of the universe and that of our particularly planet.
Because one knows or has discovered how a thing works doesn’t make that thing less miraculous.
In fact it brings us closer to the divine.
PJ Grube
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"Thanks Mom for... making my day.😉" PJ Grube
Someone confronted the General, "When will the war end?"
The General shot back, "We haven't killed enough loyalists." PJ Grube
"Death comes swiftly for everyone... even at your age, you just don't know it yet." PJGrube
My grandma always said, "If you can't find the answer in a book, then you're the one that should write the book." PJ Grube