"The truth stands on it's own. It doesn't need my help. It is effortless."
There is truth and there is fantasy.
The problem with fantasy is it is not real
the glory of the truth is that it is.
In the 1980's my mentor emphasized, "Climb a tree to tell a lie or stand on the ground and tell the truth." As a young man it baffled me. Today it governs my life.
Fantasy is absent reality. There is a difference between fantasy and dreams. Dreams have a practical relevance to the truth.
A flower spends no time dyeing
But when it does die
It explodes with life
Genesis #BSV all others are 'Frankincoin'
Huper -
Back when we were trying to clean up male dominated language, the words ‘person’ and ‘human’ needed attention. I suggested ‘Huper’ representing the multifaceted ‘hue’ of peoples and the ‘per’ of individuals in our complex society.
Earth = Fully Sustainable
Love = Fully Sustainable
Hate = Not Sustainable
#BitCoin is like it got kidnapped, drugged, fed hallucinogenics, and now in recovery doing quiet well thank you. And I expect more than a full recovery. #BSV
"when the Gods offer you a chance take it" I've always picked up change from the ground. Over the years the collection of every coin has represented a Hundred Thousand Fold their value. Superstitious? I call it conscious. #WeChooseBSV
Any attempt to describe the concept of God diminishes the true nature of the concept. And the opposite is true. Any attempt to diminish the concept further establishes its unfathomable existence. I prefer to talk about the NOW concepts of being good or evil and right or wrong.
As horrific and tragic as it is only 10 people die each month in 'Mass Shootings' a statistical anomaly in 350 million people. We can't legislate a solution to that. 100 people die EACH DAY in vehicle accidents. We can do something about that. Media is misplaced. Story weaving has occurred.
Make 'Hate Crime' a terrorist act.
Zero tolerance. End the hate.
Timing is everything. Impatience negates completeness.
My failures make me stronger.
My No's make my Yes's more valuable.
In my earliest memories I was sitting on the stoop of our country farmhouse filling an empty drinking straw package with dirt as I was giving a sales pitch to God, offering to sell Him the dirt... I subsequently became a Real Estate Broker... It may have been a curse.
Hate fails 100% of the time, it comes from failure.
Time Is Creeping Up On Me

Days have come and
Days have past
The days I’ve had
Are gone at last
But there will come a day
When I will say
Life was nice when I was away
But that will be
In the older days
When memories are the only gays

(PJ Grube - 1971)
Lying and Truth Tellin'

If lying and truth telling were a formula
Truth is all positive numbers
The lie never achieves full measure
Cause it’s mixed with so many negatives.
Something becomes but some don't believe in the origin. That is a very, very old story. Just be grateful for it's coming and know you are not the origin. Have some humility.

#WeChooseSV #BSV
"All income property is valued by it's income stream. It's a margin asset. I call it, "Dollar and a Dime Real Estate." You wouldn't put a dollar in the bank if they only gave you back 95 cents. It has never been any different. It is a basic formula Income / Rate = Value. Now there are additions and subtractions to the income like taxes, maintenance, and depreciation, etc., but the formula stands. This cuts both ways for 1) more housing and 2) less housing. The land absorbs all increased or decreased value. The first five words of the preamble of the National Association of Realtors is, "Under all is the land." We can build them or bulldoze them, increase the zoning or decrease it, but whatever, the value is absorbed by the land." PJ Grube Real Estate Broker
Truth Formula - Self interest is the heart of the disease. Concern for others is a characteristic of self-love. You can't really know now without an eternal consciousness. If the truth were a formula it would be all positive numbers. The lie can never meet the expectation because of the negatives.
"In trying to show or describe the truth to someone, I have found, the sad part of deaf and blindness is one can't see and hear."