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Hello Crypto Investors
My name is Jade.
I work with social projects in Brazil in the most varied ways. We are currently going through a difficult time because of Covid 19. I ask you to donate any amount to help us maintain our home of support for the social projects we do in poor communities. I'll put some cryptocurrency addresses, for anyone who wants to help. Thank you all!

------ Jade Pereira
Social Project Manager

Bitcoin (BTC): bc1q06y03qdduag3q2286asgj2axltg9v7hvlj3czv

Etherium (ETH): 0x10F5B8993e38eFF5C0688B0bf250eaD8675D3cBa

Smart Chain: 0x10F5B8993e38eFF5C0688B0bf250eaD8675D3cBa