Venezuela deploys soldiers to enforce price controls 🔫💀⚔️: https://bbc.in/2K7IBkG What could possibly go wrong?
Can not work without effectively addressing the freeloader problem, which no socialist system does. Also essentially enslaves producers to non-productive administrators.
Trying the same thing over again and again, expecting different results. Aka insanity
What there is to discuss beside failures?
A great many men will cheerfully face impoverishment if they can thereby secure complete ruin for their rivals. Hence the present level of taxation.
In Venezuela, bread and circuses may be running out as army takes over water supply: https://bit.ly/2MXtfRW 😨 Please start thread to discuss.
half the country is a rainforest, running out of rain
Socialist "Utopia" Sweden's welfare system shows signs of deterioration. Swedes consider taking responsibility for own selves: https://tinyurl.com/y74qwqlv | Please reply in thread to discuss.
Why are socialst jokes not funny? Because everyone needs to get them.
You're misusing the word "socialism" to mean "authoritarian central planning" so as a socialist anarchist I agree that what you call "socialism" is bad, but, also, you should look into socialism.
Students Support Socialism... Until It's Applied To Their GPA
Team Bolshevik
FACT: The Great Depression was caused by the so called Free Market (meaning UNREGULATED) Capitalism, and it was SOCIALISM that saved American bacon back then, and things got improved and were great, US has Communist party which was strong, workers party, worker unions.. and right after WWII, a war which was created by US & UK bankers, a war which was won by the Soviet Red Army and not the western allies, western allies did not even enter European war in WWII well after Soviets already has Germans on the run, and many of their allies, all of which are Capitalist countries & Monarchies, which is mid 1944, and because USSR was then threat to those bankers and capitalists in US and Europe, right after war ended, the enemy became ally and ally that defeated Nazis, became an enemy... and none of you even know this history properly, because you are all brainwashed in the Capitalism west, US has worst education system in all of developed countries, and guess what... DPRK has one of ...
This is an interesting debate on this subject. Capitalism is horrible, except when compared with every other economical system.