+++ TOKENS ++++++
There is now a sales feed for tokens (linked to in the closed column of the market cap page)

e.g. https://memo.cash/token/4de69e374a8ed21cbddd47f2338cc0f479dc58daa2bbe11cd604ca488eca0ddf?sales
what can I do with CLOWN or HONG TOKENS? for how much can I sell them?
There is now a feed of all token tips: https://memo.cash/token/feed?tips
You can also view tips by individual tokens, e.g. for SPICE: https://memo.cash/token/4de69e374a8ed21cbddd47f2338cc0f479dc58daa2bbe11cd604ca488eca0ddf?tips
Thanks to all Memo community for your token tips, im not having a good economic situation right now, life in Venezuela is not easy, may your generosity return a billion times over good friends!
The page for viewing all tokens for sale has been removed. If you want to see which tokens are for sale look at the individual token you want to buy. This also allows you to see the cheapest offer
I see some people are still accidentally using the wrong tokens - https://memo.cash/token/89c60f458fe67bdc9884c876e557b181149f4b03f8380dd35215dbccab8697b7
If you need to get rid of fake tokens, one option is to send them to the bitcoin eater address - https://memo.cash/profile/1BitcoinEaterAddressDontSendf59kuE
Would be nice to see the "market value" of the tokens in my account
Memo now supports Non-Fungible Tokens! https://memo.cash/blog/non-fungible-tokens-slp-nft
There are a number of sell orders for spice already, but I have 2421 that I’d like to try and flip. Anybody interested in buying at 250 sats per token?
I must be the most active SLP token user by volume / value:

Had more USDH than Coinex itself for a while
Bought the most expensive token so far (1 BCH)
And I am SPICE token millionaire
Georg: Basic overview: They are all scams. :)
I have relisted btcfork's token at 75 million sats - will send proceeds to BCH (node implementation, shuffle, fusion) or SLP development just like btcfork
Anyone can send me some tokens for testing purposes?
If anyone notices tokens missing from their profile please let me know. There have been a few reports recently, trying to get to the bottom of it.
After making a little [beer joke](https://memo.cash/a/3b74e09a1d) I started wondering. Is it possible to burn 2 or more tokens to receive a third? This could be big for contests. Think 1/2
McDonalds Monopoly game. Each piece is a separate token. Right combos give you a prize winning token that can be redeemed. Full game transparency from number to pieces to prizes claimed.
Are tokens created on memo.cash fixed supply?
What is the difference between normal and NFT?
How do you add an icon?
Odem is developing it's first of it's kind, global, decentralized Education marketplace. It can deliver complete end-to-end custom, in-person, educational programs and experiences. https://odem.io/
Burstcoin, has been derived from the Nxt cryptocurrency. It's consensus, is proof of capacity,a the reward, is proportional to the disk space allocated to the blockchain. https://www.burst-coin.org/
Having a problem trying to send tokens. I have a normal token that I want to send and when I select it the amount field disappears. This happens on other tokens as well. Memo bug perhaps?
2 new tokens for some Holiday fun. Been a good little poster? You might get a gift. Been a bad little poster? You might get a Lump of Coal (LOC) in your stocking.
What are the best platforms for trading tokens for coins?