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Multi-signature address is like a safe box with several locks. Key holders can open it only together.
For example "5-of-7 multisig bitcoin address" means that there are 7 keys, and any 5 of them are needed for sending bitcoins.

BTC allows only up to 15-of-15, but other cryptocurrencies allows much more keys (for example has unlimited M-of-N)

The idea is simple - groups of people with similar targets can top up multisig addresses in order to prove their intention to pay.

Your list may be very smart and honest but it is just a declaration. But sending real money to separate address looks much stronger. Potential agents will see not just words, but real money already prepared for them.

And by the way, it can rise motivation for donors significantly. There are a lot of cheaters here, but cheating with multisig address is practically impossible (or at least is much harder).


In short:

1000 perfect lists with 100 BTC total amount = 1 "unit of trust"...
Greetings. I'm here for a long time already. I write my #hmwyda wishlist regularly. I'm really interested to know what will come from this. But I want to remain anonymous now. I’ll leave my opinion about the theme.
Everything that is going here right now is the first precedent in the world, which has no analogues yet.
I want to start at least with the scale of your mailing throughout the year to many addresses, including the first Bitcoin blocks, and new addresses. This characterizes you as a persistent person with incredible endurance and a clear understanding of the result you are looking for. It’s delights to be honest.
The idea is perfect. It's just a reward mechanism for doing “something special”.
I will not focus on the moral and ethical side of the question now. The people from the published #hmwyda wishlist don’t use these concepts in relation to citizens of their countries.
They hide behind a faked democracy, faked freedom ...
If you create NEM wallet and append address in your text, it doesn't create any vulnerability. It's just additional technical possibility. You can use it or not to use.


My mistake - NEM has maximum 64 keys:

And NEM's fork "Symbol" has 25, but in 3 hierarchical levels:

As I understood, their wallets can work directly in browser.
Download universal zip archive - unpack - open index.html

(And BTW - they both can also save short messages)
Hey everyone! Have a nice time!
Master, it's really interesting decision, as for me. It's looks like a real way to grow up the motivation of agents.
Current summary about multisig.

1) BTC max 15-of-15.
- BTC is the world's number one.
- Group of 3-5 smart cheaters can play 15 honest people.
- In order to participate in multisig you need to publish your public key. Due to BTC design, public key becomes really public only after first sending transaction. Or you can explicitly publish it in plain text.
Right now it is safe, but in the next 10 years it will be unsafe because quantum computers will be able to restore private key from public key. Untouched BTC addresses will remain safe, but public keys - no.
(however, developers have enough time to invent protection)

2) NEM max 64-of-64.
- It is practically impossible to write so many fake lists, someone will certainly identify cheating.
- Built-in messaging support, and public and private.
- NEM is little-known and is slowly getting down - - number 72

3) ETH potentially unlimited M-of-N wallet
- ...
How multisig address may work.

ANYONE can find lists with similar interests. For example -

In order to create multisig address you need public keys.
Only used addresses have public keys revealed (see my previous post).
Here are 4 IMO honest lists with public keys revealed:

address: 1JphZzE3mNhZervKK7FspCyJq9Mk5HKvco
public key: 02777e6860c204a6acb4b6f5e0bcceaf5595d8ad4a6929db1ca327b087f6d5bb55

address: 16uK3sX74ZHVVaBJqRSz44ZYanaQugDkRV
public key: 044fc267e4fa60878ddb07708e22295cbd1738e2835817dfac7df8e5e74b335a825340fa2dd04d7e65ecfdf96ea95a4a1afce8a83243fe25392f8567c902c4f397

address: 1BpzhusS2w28DVA7a1BM3Dw4HdwwXhs6sa
public key:...
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