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13jjWmAc1HBg88gU If you try to write such list, you will understand that it is quite difficult. You can hate neighbours, utilities, but I don't want spend time and money for them. Write what you really hate around yourself and it brings evil not only to you, but also many other people. It's really difficult. You have to feel it!
13jjWmAc1HBg88gU I made the post in new rules first and it was incredibly difficult! And I check posts and wait my next time!
It's possible to figure out the cheater if you are going make such way! Or have to be honest!
ok understood...
People publish lists, potential agents track/analize the lists. It's up to agents - to trust or not to trust.
My donations is initial stage only.
@15ZhFcgZNNVU8S7b What do you mean by agents? What agents? Agents working for who?
Are we allowed to include dead people on this list?
@13jjWmAc1HBg88gU - No (about dead people). Read the rules carefully
ok thank you. What about something like "my upstairs neighbors having noisy parties every weekend"... How do I do that without giving the address? Because giving the address will give away my location and I loose my anonymity
13jjWmAc1HBg88gU read the rules carefully. Read previous lists. Answear is near.
"Agent" - just anyone who can attack targets.
The idea in general:
A text
+ honest
+ non-stupid and technically feasible anonymously
+ signed
+ with non-zero balance
+ published on the blockchain
+ repeatedly with the same signing address.

If many people will do that, it can produce real results.

From now on I stop commenting and explaining, I will or will not donate silently.

I invented rules for demonstration, but from now on I will donate for any honest and non-stupid text, written in any form.

Cheaters are bad but usefull, because they are testing viability of the idea.
@15ZhFcgZNNVU8S7b, about new rules, now i must have non - zero balance on blochain or transactions?
@15ZhFcgZNNVU8S7b, new rules, i must have non-zero balance on blochain? Or what?
There are no new rules. Old rules look pretty good, but I can break them without explanation. There is only one real "rule" - my own subjective opinion, and for better understanding I wrote maximum compact description of the idea. (You can substitute "+" for "becomes more powerful when")
15ZhFcgZNNVU8S7b,sir,please Can I not add a URL?Because I hate someone or something have no URL.😬 😬
yes - honest and non-stupid text in any form
OK,thanks so much.😊 😊
How i can download video to topic?
I do it, sorry)
I believe in your good intentions.
But a quality list will endanger the person who created it.
The government can see who accessed, so you'll be on the watch list.

I believe you will be in danger if you create quality listings.
The smaller the territory, the higher the danger level.
Please guide how to change that mindset.
In a small territory, honest listing creators are in danger.

You are just wasting your time in vain.

The bad guys are very powerful. How to be safe?
3 steps:
1. read first post in topic.
2. study anonymity at the web.
3. be honest.
good luck for you.
Please don't foget to add hashtag #hmwyda, your posts should be searchable by hashtag
For big texts maybe better to make threads of updates:

-Bob's full text
-Alice's full text

But every update should contain "#hmwyda wishlist update" and a link to the first full post (for easy reference)
In order to avoid posting twice, try to remove invisible whitespaces before signing.
There are a lot of online tools -

i.e. your editor -> remove -> sign -> post to memo
Yes master, its works, but sometimes its no works