I love the smell of profits in the morning ´day night netime...... go BCH, brekout vs BTC, love it
Have you decided what you're building at the upcoming @SimpleLedger hackathon? Thanks to @BlockpartySh for organizing!🎩

We're sponsoring 2 $BCH for prizes (thanks @BitcoinCom!).
Tips 419
Satoshis 3,412,698
40 different token types have been sent to me in less than 24 hours. It appears that the killer app of @memobch is creating and sending tokens!

what it do baby?
Bitcoin Cash is worldwide.

BCH: 536725-534818=1907 memo txs. num of tx📉15.8%, account for 4.2% of all BCH txs(45880)
BSV: 800401-799830=571 memo txs. num of txs📈1.4%, (149444)
BTC: (351908), BCH/BTC=13.0%
Literally Vitalik clapping has been tokenized.


Everything that can be tokenized, will be tokenized.
Lakshmi—the Goddess of Fortune

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So many tokens.

Great idea by @FreeTrade68 to help on-ramp users to @memobch. We already have 'Shuffle Saturday' for @CashShuffle. How about 'Memo Monday' for using Memo?
hi, this is my first post on memo
"The ideal bitcoiner earns, spends, and saves it." #BitcoinCash

"The ideal bitcoiner runs a node but never uses the network." #BTC
Who do you think the most financially successful project is w/ regards to actual micro-payments/donations via cryptocurrency?
Not only can you 'like' items on @memobch, and not only can you tip BCH on memo, but you can even tip tokens!


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Great leaders inspire. They put aside petty differences and accept that people make mistakes.

They build bridges instead of burning them down. They forgive but don't forget.