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Topics following 4 has a background image that seems to glorify people like Luke Dash, Jr & Greg Maxwell. These guys are kind of antithetical to Bitcoin Cash, the real Bitcoin. Does that seem strange to anyone else?
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How do you characterize those who have a strong desire to rule over others.
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Lest anyone doubted that the 2 major US parties are the same, here's a story about Jamie "Bitcoin's a Scam!" Dimon, JP Morgan Chase CEO trying to decide which party he should run for Pres under.
Anybody else getting chrome security warnings when visiting ? I guess someone used it to make a shortcut to a malicious site, so google is tagging it as malicious now.
Does anyone else watch youtube videos at 1.5x or greater speed? I find that 1.0x speed is too slow to keep me focused, with the exception of language videos where I'm trying to hear the pronunciations.
Interesting Idea, replace representative democracy with a form of direct democracy, but using AI avatars that each voter trains to have the same views as them.

US Cust. can search electronics @ border w/o 4th amend. protections. Philosophical question, if U delete data b4 go thru customs is that obstruction of justice since U knew it'd be investigated?
Has anyone heard from any of our members in Venezuela lately? The whole story seems to be falling off the news cycle.

US House of Reps Democrat Party Majority passes bill to end US involvement in Yemeni Civil War defying Trump. But who involved US in the war in the first place, & what party were they in?
To those of you that had BTC before the BCH fork, have you divested of all you BTC in favor of BCH? Why or why not?
But Venezuela wasn't real socialism! /s

The more the butthurt criticize Trump for not being erudite enough, the more they endear him to the regular people they are trying to get not to vote for him in the next election.
Tip: If you have an up-to-date Windows 10, you can get emojis super easy by typing windows-period (that's holding the windows key down while you press the period/dot key).
Memo Tip: If you have an up to day Windows 10 machine, you can get emojis super easy by typing windows-period (that's holding the windows key down while you press the period/dot key).
So, when BCH was getting down to $75, I decided to send some $ over to coinbase to get ready to buy. Takes 7 DAYS! Price started going up just before the money "arrived", so I missed the bottom.😠
Time to check the price....
Police pre-planned abuse of protesters & used unnecessary force against one of their own detectives who was undercover as a protester, then tried to cover it up.
Mars lander live coverage right now.
Nobody posted here about SV announcing they are adding replay protection yet?
How is my crypto portfolio performing you ask?
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So many that used to get along are now at each other's throats. Which torn more people apart?
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What's the best way to "watch" the has war tomorrow? How do you see what's happening in realtime?
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Disregarding which, if any, fork comes out on top tomorrow, what do you think will be the general outcome of all this?
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Can someone explain exactly *when* the hardfork will occur? Is there a countdown page like before? I can't find anything with google for some reason.
Tell us about a time you were wrong about something and realized you had to change your mind.