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BCH Upgrade appears to have broken the site's ability to post messages, or see new messages.
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Welcome to memo. Do you pronounce Sah ' Ahd with a glottal stop between two syllables & stressing the 2nd syllable?
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I smoke weed #dailymemo
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replied 1816d
No KYC if not high amounts. I split my BSV 1st. Again, watch the minimums. When I deposited my second batch of BSV, I couldn't trade it, because it was not >= 0.1.
replied 1816d
I would second that, but beware of all their minimums! I ran into some of those. Each trade has to be for at least 0.1 BSV, and there are minimums for deposit and withdrawals.
replied 1816d
A diversion, designed to draw attention away from their failure.
replied 1818d
You accidentally posted on the BCH chain too. Expect to receive a call from the Feds shortly, law-breaker.
replied 1818d
Many years ago I'd just moved to area & wanted to cash a paycheck from a Chase acct. Even w/ ID they refused. I said it says "Pay to the order of" they said that's not what that means.
replied 1818d
Superb idea! I'm will attempt to split my BSV by sending my address a tiny amount of split BCH, then consolidating all my UTXOs. That TX should be invalid on BSV so cannot be replayed.
replied 1818d
would be cool to have a new memo function where you make a special post/txn on your current wallet designating the new one as you updated identity.
replied 1818d
What do you do when you hit the limit?
replied 1818d
I wonder because I thought "What if every single user wanted to split their BCH from their BSV by consolidating all their UTXOs with some already split ones." How feasible would it be?
replied 1818d
I know you can't be sure how many UTXOs each wallet has, so I guess estimate based on total UTXOs that exist.
OK Math whizzes, can anyone estimate the cost in TX fees and the size of all the TXs (# 32MB blocks) to consolidate everyone's wallets into a single UTXO per wallet.
replied 1818d
I'm in the US and have done this very recently. Not huge amounts, but no problem. Didn't even need an ID. Have you tried to do it? How do you know they will not?
replied 1818d
They do add on an additional ninety cents to the invoice
replied 1818d
You definitely pay a lot of taxes on AT&T's service. I think local sales tax is one.
replied 1818d
They could still tax people doing actual "trading" I suppose, like on exchanges. I can't declare a loss because my USD are losing value each year.
replied 1818d
My hope is that if we get critical mass on crypto being used, the Feds will have to abandon that reasoning and just treat using it as a regular non-taxable event.
replied 1818d
*Most* interesting to me is that this really shakes up the taxable event issue. We have a major company participating in a payment method with an undue regulatory burden.
replied 1818d
Do you mean that you had to wait for confirmation of your TX to wallet before you could pay AT&T? How many blocks?