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Just because it can be changed, and maybe it should be changed - does not necessarily make a particular change a GOOD change. Same base philosophy error as progressivism in general.
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Yikes ED. You know, if literally everyone has the same definition for a word except you, it’s starting to sound like a personal issue…
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The armed conflict in Sierra Leone and the extreme violence of the main rebel faction
100% BSV. Let’s compete!
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There is no hashwar. You guys admitted defeat when you had to add checkpoints because you ran out of money for hash power.
You forked away from Nakamoto Consensus.
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SV hates communism that’s why we win in the end bitcoin is capitalist
BSV up against Jihan/Roger/Haipo/Jiang/Coinbase/Kraken/Reddit and still plowed through. That’s power!
replied · 220d the robber named his company..
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Disagree. I'm a BSV supporter, and I want to see if Bitcoin 0.1 can scale. We've tried literally everything else, but not the original protocol.
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ABC attacked BCH by introducing changes that the vast majority of BCH hash opposed. Then they brought it mercenary hash to push these through. Pretty clear ABC was the attacker.
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Those aren’t Calvin and CSW pumps. That’s me buying too much BSV with my fat finger lol 😂
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Someone is but hurt ... BSV scales, it’s legal , it’s pure utility for everyone not just some..
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Yep, I sold in the other direction, which increased my BCH holdings by around 30%. May each side have a long and prosperous chain
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I tip you some BSV since your going to go broke here buddy ..
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From which cave you came out dude? Aussie man bad! Funny words for someone supporting checkpoints, savepoints... and Amaurys spreadsheet.
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Wormhole eating your brain dude
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Yeah, they are awesome. Keep digging your own hole.
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BAB stands for Bsavepointed Aumaurys Bspreadsheets. lol
So bab stands for SV?