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replied 1507d
thinks darknet use is more promising than actual business adoption lol
replied 1598d
Why are you posting on the SV chain?

Just curious, seems pretty empty here
replied 1603d

Can't believe it took so long for this to come out, his supporters will probably think this makes sense lol
1603d · US Politics/Trump

"the president had often talked about fortifying a border wall with a water-filled trench, stocked with snakes or alligators, prompting aides to seek a cost estimate."
replied 1621d
Yes, that's correct. It's a bit confusing but semantically correct. If you burn all your tokens with an external wallet you could theoretically send all 90k sats.
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replied 1633d
Are you really implying that BCH needs more throughput to handle the current transaction load? Even BTC has been regularly clearing its mempool recently, no one is using crypto.
1651d · memo
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replied 1653d
His belligerence over climate science baffles me, it's strange that someone who claims to support economic freedom and cutting edge digital cash could doubt/ignore easily observed fact
replied 1653d
He's a little dense, but he might not be trying to troll, it's possible that he's just really impressionable. At least he isn't spamming his weird beliefs like bmap though
replied 1653d
Who do you mean, bmap.cash? Trolls on Memo don't really matter now that we have mute, they're just speeding adoption by posting here
replied 1653d
I hope we can still turn things around, it's going to take a lot though
replied 1654d
Gr8. My kid said we won't die out of asteroid, but bc food will be gone. She is 10.
replied 1653d
Same to you, if you're ever in Colorado. Plenty of great breweries where we can chuckle at them over a pint
replied 1668d
Look for the bike helmet if you haven't noticed it lol. This is raw genetic superiority in its natural habitat, try to control your urges ladies
replied 1679d
You're confusing your blockchains, SV is the chain that is prioritizing storage. BCH is prioritizing cheap and fast transactions. Even Vitalik is expecting Ethereum data to get pruned
replied 1682d
He's a scammer, I doubt he was ever planning on paying out.