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1030d · test
1032d · hmwyda - multisig can increase motivation
How multisig address may work.

ANYONE can find lists with similar interests. For example - https://memo.sv/posts/new?s=rape

In order to create multisig address you need public keys.
Only used addresses have public keys revealed (see my previous post).
Here are 4 IMO honest lists with public keys revealed:

1) https://memo.sv/post/de15da4e0a461a7136f996b3e335feddd8328d06d086f9a29c88b9417feb6ff8
address: 1JphZzE3mNhZervKK7FspCyJq9Mk5HKvco
public key: 02777e6860c204a6acb4b6f5e0bcceaf5595d8ad4a6929db1ca327b087f6d5bb55

2) https://memo.sv/post/44ebf1ec62374913ffc52a6c0df0b999d30a892f8d2ea6818c9ccc6ab4743222
address: 16uK3sX74ZHVVaBJqRSz44ZYanaQugDkRV
public key: 044fc267e4fa60878ddb07708e22295cbd1738e2835817dfac7df8e5e74b335a825340fa2dd04d7e65ecfdf96ea95a4a1afce8a83243fe25392f8567c902c4f397

3) https://memo.sv/post/32708829dc189758ca73e73fbecf907a79a6e871685746006441c49288a70314
address: 1BpzhusS2w28DVA7a1BM3Dw4HdwwXhs6sa
public key:...
1034d · hmwyda - multisig can increase motivation
Current summary about multisig.

1) BTC max 15-of-15.
- BTC is the world's number one.
- Group of 3-5 smart cheaters can play 15 honest people.
- In order to participate in multisig you need to publish your public key. Due to BTC design, public key becomes really public only after first sending transaction. Or you can explicitly publish it in plain text.
Right now it is safe, but in the next 10 years it will be unsafe because quantum computers will be able to restore private key from public key. Untouched BTC addresses will remain safe, but public keys - no.
(however, developers have enough time to invent protection)

2) NEM max 64-of-64.
- It is practically impossible to write so many fake lists, someone will certainly identify cheating.
- Built-in messaging support, and public and private.
- NEM is little-known and is slowly getting down - https://coinmarketcap.com/ - number 72

3) ETH potentially unlimited M-of-N wallet https://gnosis-safe.io/
- ...
1037d · hmwyda - multisig can increase motivation
If you create NEM wallet and append address in your text, it doesn't create any vulnerability. It's just additional technical possibility. You can use it or not to use.


My mistake - NEM has maximum 64 keys:

And NEM's fork "Symbol" has 25, but in 3 hierarchical levels:

As I understood, their wallets can work directly in browser.
Download universal zip archive - unpack - open index.html

(And BTW - they both can also save short messages)
1039d · hmwyda - multisig can increase motivation
Multi-signature address is like a safe box with several locks. Key holders can open it only together.
For example "5-of-7 multisig bitcoin address" means that there are 7 keys, and any 5 of them are needed for sending bitcoins.

BTC allows only up to 15-of-15, but other cryptocurrencies allows much more keys (for example https://nem.io has unlimited M-of-N)

The idea is simple - groups of people with similar targets can top up multisig addresses in order to prove their intention to pay.

Your list may be very smart and honest but it is just a declaration. But sending real money to separate address looks much stronger. Potential agents will see not just words, but real money already prepared for them.

And by the way, it can rise motivation for donors significantly. There are a lot of cheaters here, but cheating with multisig address is practically impossible (or at least is much harder).


In short:

1000 perfect lists with 100 BTC total amount = 1 "unit of trust"...
1044d · hmwyda - BSV alternatives
Prediction markets can be considered as some sort of alternatives. This is absolutely different technology, but with similar results - motivating anonymous people to do something special.
Here are 3 projects which in theory may permit betting on delicate subjects:
1) https://github.com/AugurProject/augur-app - installable application
2) https://fairlay.com/ - web site
3) https://omen.eth.link/#/liquidity - web site (but you need to disable ad-blocker)

(for future exploration)
1049d · hmwyda - BSV alternatives
How to save text to Cardano blockchain:

Create and top up https://adaly.io wallet, and in the Settings change interface from Simple to Advanced.

Copy your text -> compress https://www.multiutil.com/text-to-brotli-compress/ -> convert base64 to base64url https://www.base64url.com/ -> then go to https://adaly.io/#send -> set checkbox "Add a note to the payment" -> type "#hmwyda wishlist" and paste your base64url string.
And send.

Result: https://explorer.cardano.org/en/transaction?id=0e43be7b104bf5f8d9a77229bc24d3d88189d2c4f6cf0639b5a71d488934a3e0

Features (or bugs):
adaly.io removes all non-latin characters and even "/" and "+" characters - that's why base64url is needed.
Minimum amount is 1 ada (approx 3 usd).

And base64url also removes "=" characters in the end, and in order to decompress https://www.multiutil.com/brotli-to-text-decompress/ you need to add "=" one by one until error disappears.

It looks ...
1052d · hmwyda - wishlists - rules and questions
In order to avoid posting twice, try to remove invisible whitespaces before signing.
There are a lot of online tools - https://duckduckgo.com/?q=trim+trailing+spaces+online+tool

i.e. your editor -> remove -> sign -> post to memo
1056d · hmwyda - wishlists - rules and questions
For big texts maybe better to make threads of updates:

-Bob's full text
-Alice's full text

But every update should contain "#hmwyda wishlist update" and a link to the first full post (for easy reference)
1058d · hmwyda - BSV alternatives
1060d · hmwyda - wishlists - rules and questions
Please don't foget to add hashtag #hmwyda, your posts should be searchable by hashtag https://memo.sv/t/hmwyda?p=new
1064d · hmwyda - BSV alternatives
Objectively - BSV was(is) under attack
Objectively - Memo is not open source
Subjectively - I had problems with Memo in Tor Browser

And BTW, if CryptoFights allows publishing long text then it can be one more alternative

I will monitor hashtag #hmwyda but on member.cash - https://member.cash/#topic?topicname=hmwyda
It is actually the same thing as memo.cash, but truly open source, and allows to post long text (but formatting is horrible)
1066d · hmwyda - BSV alternatives
1067d · hmwyda - BSV alternatives
Now you see by yourself that memo works strangely - now they are confirmed.

But the best way is to check directly in blockchain. For example, you can compare my profile here and in blockchain:


All methods summary:

1) memo.sv
Frontend looks good, but backend works unclear.

2) BSV directly via filepay script
Works clear, but BSV itself is not very stable.

3) member.cash
BCH is active and stable, but member.cash is not very convenient.

4) myetherwallet ETC
Easy and cheap, but ETC is scandalous project and it's future is unclear.

5) Cardano metadata
I know nothing about Cardano, but at least it is number 4 in the most valuable currencies - https://coinmarketcap.com/ - worth to try.

6) myetherwallet ETH
Expensive, but more reliable than all above.

7) BTC
see https://member.cash/index.html#thread?root=c7e03403575423d07ccf1101ce61e7be2128ceb98e4de...
1068d · hmwyda - BSV alternatives
Ok, finally, how to post to memo.sv without using memo.sv

I use Tor Browser and all my posts become unconfirmed - this is suspicious.
Here is a method for Tor Browser without using memo.sv

1) Open simple text editor (e.g. Notepad) and copy-paste the following text (without lines ---):

(this is just slightly modified example from https://github.com/mattercloud/filepay )

<script src='https://unpkg.com/[email protected]/dist/filepay.min.js'></script>
const privateKey = "your_private_key_goes_here";
function make_post() {
if (! confirm("Send?")) {
feeb: 2,
data: ["0x6d0c", topic.value, text.value],
pay: { key: privateKey }
alert("just alert after send");

<input id=topic><br>
<textarea id=text></textarea><br>
<button onclick=make_post()>Send</button>
1068d · hmwyda - BSV alternatives
You don't need to generate address, you can just write any arbitrary address.
As I understand any hex string of 40 characters is valid ETH (and ETC) address - https://duckduckgo.com/?q=any+hex+string+40+valid+ethereum+address

And 547 satoshi minimum amount is only for BTC/BCH/BSV, but ETH/ETC allows to send zero amount (I suppose).
Try to send 0 ETC to 0x547FaCE777777777777777777777777777777777 - I think it should work.

And by the way - your message https://etcblockexplorer.com/tx/0x35b1bc7b9a17dc9e0ecf0f5ee6e4c4a88fe21c474f3560561bf22bc274a4de19 is not a text but binary data (I decoded here https://www.online-toolz.com/tools/decode-hex.php)
1068d · hmwyda - BSV alternatives
1078d · hmwyda - BSV alternatives
Frankly, I didn't think much about how to organize posts, I reported just easy technical method.

It can be some "magick" address, or special googlable words (e.g. "hmwyda_eth_russia"), or you can try to find ETH text search engines (e.g. https://ethereum.ms but it doesn't work very well).

The more important - you don't completely understand the idea. Agents do not contact to donors.
1079d · hmwyda - BSV alternatives
I found two possible alternatives:
https://member.cash is BCH-based, but it allows to post long text, it splits text into several transactions.
https://www.myetherwallet.com is well known ETH wallet. It works in browser and allows to set arbitrary "data" field while sending transactions.
You can try them out and share your experience here.
1098d · hmwyda - BSV alternatives
BSV is facing a difficult situation. From june 20 to july 10 several successful attacks occured - https://duckduckgo.com/?q=BSV+block+withholding+attack
And beyond that, one mining pool has captured almost entire hashrate - https://duckduckgo.com/?q=BSV+TAAL+hashrate
I hope they will address this, but anyway, it's a good idea to find some alternatives to BSV and memo.sv
You can write suggestions here. Where else it would be possible to publish lists.
1194d · hmwyda - wishlists (donations here)
I can’t post the list, if it’s not hard donate satoshi plz.
1195d · hmwyda
I cant send my post, I dont have satoshi. How much time does the faucet takes to send me some?
1200d · hmwyda - wishlists - rules and questions
yes - honest and non-stupid text in any form
1208d · hmwyda
satoshies please, i want to make a post