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Everyone on #Memo that likes Bitcoin Cash on Twitter should RT this post:

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Bitcoin Cash Protocol Successfully Upgrades — Schnorr Signatures Are Here:

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Celsius Founder: Bitcoin Short Ratio Proves BTC Could Cross $10,000:

· 8d
Great Job Team Bitcoin Cash!
· 8d
I believe some valuable lessons have been learned.
· 8d
Breaking: Bitcoin Cash Network Glitches After Undergoing Scheduled Hard Fork:

· 10d
FBI: More #Cops Died On Duty In 2018 | Zero Hedge @zerohedge

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I love it!
· 13d
Did anyone have smoked #bear for lunch?
Can someone chime in on BCH price speculation regarding the next few days of trading?
· 15d
Brave is Gaining a Lot of Traction, and May Soon Dethrone Google Chrome:

https://ethereumworldnews.com/brave-is-gaining-a-lot-of-traction-and-may-soon-dethrone-google-chrome/ #brave
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Hackers Steal 7,000 BTC from Binance, CZ Says ‘Not the Best of Days’:

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Legacy finance, be very afraid. Your day of reckoning is near. #DropGold now or suffer. #Bitcoin is the only way out of the mess that you created. While you are dragging rocks on the earth...
· 18d
Bitcoin Price Teeters on Brink of Brutal ‘Panic-Driven’ Crash:

https://www.ccn.com/bitcoin-price-teeters-on-brink-of-brutal-panic-driven-crash #Bitcoin
· 18d
Fundstrat: Bitfinex $1B IEO Raise Could Pressure Bitcoin (BTC) Lower:

· 18d
Only an Idiot Would Use Facebook’s Shady Cryptocurrency https://www.ccn.com/only-an-idiot-would-use-facebooks-shady-cryptocurrency via @CCNMarkets
· 19d
Now that the Greyscale marketing campaign has run it's course, I believe $BTC will crater back to #earth. There is too much uncertainty right now.
· 20d
There are many things that can happen to a person that are far worse than #death. The average person has no clue.

· 20d
Look at that premium on the Bitfinex BTC price. Similar price premiums were seen right before the Mt Gox crash. Canary in the coalmine? 🤔