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It is my understanding some wallets expose your public key when sending a transaction and it is then possible to calculate/link other used addresses of the wallet. Is this true and if so which wallets don’t do this?
Maybe it’s obvious, but it seems to me the BSV crowd has now taken the unified stance that BCH users are all just criminals, and we’ll be shutdown, in addition to BTC being misguided on the tech implementation...
The video, nice to see it wasn’t nearly the hit piece expected, then again so much more story to tell but no one cares, block size, BCH, etc https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/bitcoins-wild-ride-60-minutes-2019-05-19
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Foul... but welcome! ;)
Went to a “Bitcoin Meetup” and left disappointed, sad actually, lots of guys there been in to bitcoin a long time but are still in it for “store of value” and price speculation, totally against bigger blocks.
I highly recommend the ElectronCash desktop wallet to CAshSHuffle some coins, I've been doin' it several days now and after over 100 shuffles to get my wallet 100% shuffled, it's cost a total of 270 bits, $0.10, nice!
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You’re obviously very into cosplay, and great at it ;) have you ever mixed in crypto? Perhaps your own BitcoinCash girl character -maybe that’s too cheesy but I’m sure you’d rock it! ;)
BCH price
Bullish! ;)
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To the BitcoinABC Team: Thanks for all you do! ;)
(video) I like 'n respect Mr. Wonderful but he is just wrong, or more precisely ignorant - I can excuse that... but this Pomp guy who's all over lately should know better, BCH is Bitcoin https://tinyurl.com/y3yzxxwj
Confirmation Bias is a hellofa drug...
Another favorite
Another favorite https://imgur.com/a/5bDK3W0
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Welcome! to Memo...
The more I use the ElectronCash wallet, both iOS and Mac, the more I really like it! 👍🏼 Not so flashy but has so many features, like everything I could want, and some I didn’t even know I wanted ;)
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Hi are you still active here? Just wanted to say I’m really diggin’ ElectronCash on the Mac and iOS, and now CashShuffle, so thanks...
One of my all-time favorites 🤣😜
Tryin’ out CashShuffle in the ElectronCash wallet, pretty cool, this video explains it well but hands-on experience is how I learn best!
RIP to my arc-eyed hawkfish, had him a few years at least, here he is lurking in some montipora coral
Printing another round of paper wallets (double-sided on linen paper, looks and feels authentic!) to have on hand whenever the conversation goes that way, bam! blow your mind ;)